Claire Macintyre, The Perfect Vintage & Alternative Photographer For You…

Claire Macintyre Photography

Good morning lovelies!! Today I want to introduce you to a very special photographer, Claire Macintyre. Claire’s creative approach applies a relaxed, fun and unique style to the living, breathing world of wedding photography. When she’s at the wedding, she’s a part of it, which means her images are more involved and have that ‘present feeling’. Like a best friend has taken a picture, not a stranger! Now I could sit here and tell you all about Claire but the best way for you to get to know her just a little bit better would be through her own words, so without further ado I’ll pass you over to the wonderfully talented and not to mention, lovely, Claire Macintyre…

“My name is Claire, and I am a vintage wedding photographer. I live in the beautiful Berkshire countryside with my wonderful partner and handsome and astonishingly cool 5 year old son who both put up with my ever expanding collection of taxidermy and curios.

I am completely obsessed with all things vintage and retro and have been known to cover not only myself but my home in as many vintage treasures I can find, and when not taking pictures of wonderful people I can be found knee deep in junk shops and carboots and head to the Brocantes and flea markets of France at least twice a year. I am also the Vintage Curator at the UK based The Retro Festival, where I can let out all my vintage glitter in one big yearly POP!”

“My favourite movie is Amelie, my favourite book is Catcher In The Rye and my favourite TV Show is Mad Men, and I drive a bright blue 1974 classic VW Beetle called Betsy, she is so much fun!

I come from a theatrical and fashion background, and this influences my style very much, and I always love finding those stunning, natural and poignant moments in a wedding that surprise and delight when my couples get their precious pictures back.