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It’s been pretty mad around here these last few weeks, we have had lots of planning to do, there’s a few projects on the go and of course we have been trying our hardest to get ahead of ourselves with our blog content as we will be jetting off on our hols next month and we didn’t want to leave you without your daily dose of BB love. It has been a little overwhelming to say the least so you may have noticed that we haven’t been doing Off The Record as often as we used to and don’t worry that’s not because we won’t be doing it anymore, it’s just going to become more of a monthly addition to our schedule rather than weekly. That means that from now OTR will be  a bumper edition with lots more links to DIYS, wedding pretty, business advice and fun reads, so we promise you won’t be left without.


Baby showers! And no before you think it, neither of us are pregnant, but it won’t be long until our beautiful friend George is ready to pop, so we all headed to her shower in Gloucester, where we were greeted with the cutest baby elephant themed party! The host had done such a fantastic job with all the food and decor, everything was just so darn cute! We spent the afternoon chatting away, eating and of course watching the gorgeous momma to be open all her gifts. It was such a lovely day and now I can’t wait to meet the new addition!

Oliver Bonas! I have walked past the store in Cabot Circus on a number of occasions now, always admiring the shop front and just knowing that I dare not enter because it would be the end of my bank balance. But one fateful day last week me and Jess took the plunge and went in and since then I have been obsessed! I check the website everyday, I scour their Instagram and Twitter, I think I’m bordering on an addiction, someone please buy me everything in there! PLEASE!!!

Weddings! Obviously! Duh! But this week was a very special wedding for me, as I watched my oldest friend of 24 years walk down the aisle with her college sweetheart. It really was wonderful and to top it off the weather was amazing! We were even able to spend the afternoon in the garden of the venue drinking pimms and relaxing – those of you that live in the UK, will know thats a pretty big deal!

Bank Holiday Weekends! My favourite thing about this bank holiday was that I got to spend more time with Mr T. Sad I know, but most weekends usually consist of him being at football and me working so it was awesome to finally spend a whole weekend together. We went to Leigh Woods in Clifton to see the new artwork by Luke Jerram called ‘Withdrawn’. Its a thought provoking project aiming to raise discussion about climate change & the environment, subjects of which are very important to me. The exhibit was very interesting as the boats have just been abandoned, alone in the middle of woods, which in itself seems very haunting but I kind of felt that the point had been lost somewhere along the way. The exhibit seemed to attract a lot of young families that thought of it as an adventure playground for their children to climb all over rather than the art that it is, so I left feeling a bit disappointed but I would definitely urge others to go, maybe just wait until it’s a school day.

Dinner Dates With My Mum! It is very rare that we go anywhere for dinner and I don’t know why? But it’s kinda nice because on the odd occasion that we do for lunch together it makes it all that more special. Last Thursday we headed to the Rum Bar in Chepstow. Jess had recommended the place many times and I was looking for an excuse to go and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The bar is just so cool, everything is really bright and colourful. It feels very tropical and the food was delicious! Me and my mum had a lovely afternoon hanging out there, so if you are ever in that neck of the woods you should really visit, I heard the cocktails are pretty amazeballs too. 


Colour vibe! I honestly never ever thought I would be the sort of person who got up on a sunday morning to run 5k but guess what? I totally did! Now I know 5K really doesn’t sound very far and it probably isn’t for a lot of people, but a few months ago I couldn’t even run for 1 minute without being completely out of breath (how embarrassing) so this was a huge achievement for me! The best part was we got absolutely ploughed with colourful powder paint throughout the run! It was epic!! …. The second best part was the amazing pork wrap I ate afterwards!

As Emily mentioned above, going to our friend Georgina’s baby shower was so sweet! It was so much fun to guess the date of the new arrival, whether it would be a little boy or a little girl and of course indulge in lots of yummy food! George was absolutely glowing and it really isn’t long until she pops now! SO excited!! 

Days out with Nan! Me and my sister headed to Bristol with Nan a few days ago and it was so nice to see all of the summer clothes in the shops, drink lots of Costa and have a delicious meal in Coal at the end! 

Birthday planning! I’ll be turning another year older next week and I can’t wait to celebrate with family & friends! Cocktails with the girls are definitely in order! I’m praying for nice weather so we can sit out in the sunshine and sip on mojitos! 

Spending time with my sister! She leaves for America next week and will be gone for 6 months! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to cope without her, we’re practically joined at the hip but I am SO excited to hear about her adventures and see her experience something completely different! 



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I don’t know if you noticed, but me and Emily are just a little teeny tiny bit obsessed with colour and scrolling through the Instagram feed has become something we tend to do more than several times a day! So, naturally, we wanted our feed filled with beautiful, bold and bright colourful photographs! If you’re like us, then you’re in for a treat because today we’re going to share with you 75 of the most epic Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen! Feast your eyes on these beauties…



This stream is every pastel lovers dream! Maria is based in Mexico too which makes her photographs even more appealing to me!


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We absolutely adore how quirky and fun this feed is from Seattle stylist Shelby Edwards!



Another Mexican marvel in my eyes and a whole lot of pretty pink pictures to blow your mind!


Bespoke Bride Instagram

You didn’t think we could go through this list without shamelessly plugging our own colourful account did you?!


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The queens of colourful sure know how to rock Instagram! These babes regularly share their favourite bright snaps from their hashtag #ABMlifeiscolorful too!


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