Bitching In The Business? Hell No…

Matt Somerville Photography

Photos by Matt Somerville Photography

Why is it, that as females we’re often categorised as being ‘bitchy’? All too many times I have been in a group of people where one girl will say something along the lines of ‘did you see how bad her outfit was’ or ‘I’ve never met her but I hear she’s really stuck up’ or ‘she loves herself way too much’

SERIOUSLY ‘She loves herself too much’ what in the hell kind of statement is that and why is it considered a negative. If you don’t love yourself how you can you ever expect to give your full self to somebody or completely enjoy life to the full? I agree there’s a difference between gloating about how wonderful you are all the time and generally being proud of yourself and happy with who you are but generally loving yourself is a wonderful achievement!

I’m not saying we’re all guilty of this at all, I know plenty of men and women who wouldn’t say a bad word about anyone! But equally, I’ve been in situations within the wedding industry where I can hear women and men for that matter, slagging off other businesses or people in the same line of work as them and it looks so unprofessional! This got me thinking, what was the need to say any of  that about someone else? Does it actually make us feel better putting other people down? Do we generally believe that just because somebody looks nice or has nice things it doesn’t mean that we can’t have them too? And are we so jealous of each other that we only feel better if they fail? Because that is just ridiculous! You don’t become a better person by putting others down.