Off the Record: Celebrating Christmas with Catnip and Cake Pops

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Wow that happened fast! Can you believe Christmas is over already and we will soon be in 2014. Me and Jess have spent some time this week going through all our 2013 achievements and we were honestly blown away by all that happened, I can only imagine what 2014 is going to hold for us, but I have this crazy gut feeling that it is going to be totally amazing!

So here we are at our last ever Off the Record of 2013 so lets make it a good one!

Emily Loves…

Christmas decorations! Many of you will have had your decs up for weeks but I only put mine up a week ago so I am still excited about turning the christmas tree lights on. I feel like the house is so much more cosier with Christmas decorations up, I think I might have to leave them up until summer? What do you think??

Spending Christmas day with my family. Christmas day is also my mums birthday so it is the turn of the men in the family to do the cooking for the day. This year both my dad and brother played chef and I have to admit it was awesome, the best christmas dinner yet!

All the wonderful gifts I was given by family and friends, I am so thankful! I am now officially part of the onesie club and can definitely see why there is so much hype surrounding them. Mine has not come off since christmas evening, they are just so darn comfy!