The Results are in survey bespoke bride

A few weeks ago we asked you guys to take our Reader Survey and literally hundreds of you rushed in to share your opinions with us! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We cannot even tell you how helpful it is to get feedback, both good and bad and hear about what you guys are loving and what you want to see more and less of! I thought it would be fun to write this post and share some of the results with you as I’m sure you’re also intrigued to hear what your fellow readers think!

ALSO, massive congratulations to Jenny from Chesterfield! You’re the winner of all of those awesome wedding goodies!! We’ll be in touch ASAP to arrange your delivery! EEK!!

Ok, back to the results…

Are You…

Male or Female

So 94.7% of you are ladies which we totally expected, it does get rather girlie around here but a big shout out to the 5.3% of males out there reading BB!

Which of these best describes you?

Which Best Describes You

So we’ve OBVIOUSLY got a lot of bride’s to be out there but it’s also super interesting to see that member’s of the wedding party are reading, along with grooms, newly weds, DIY lovers, wedding suppliers, bloggers and just some awesome people who love Bespoke Bride! HOLLA!

Which posts do you love most from Bespoke Bride?

Favourite Posts

We clearly have 3 winners here: Real weddings, DIYs & advice pieces! We’re going to be rejigging the schedule slightly so that we include more of these features but don’t worry, we’ll still be featuring the other types of posts that you love! When asked if there were any other features you loved here that we had missed out loads of you said giveaways and competitions so we’re working on getting you guys some more freebies too!

Which DIY’s have you made from the blog?

This was a super interesting question for us because we often just put DIYs out there but never really know if you lot are actually making them, but it’s good to hear that you are! Not surprisingly you guys LOVE the free printables but you’ve also been busy making the tulle floral skirt, flower crowns, the DIY bar cart, origami hearts, cookies, this cake topper, the tattoo station and make more! Some of you guys also made your own ombre tulle skirts! (I think we’ve got some tulle lovers here right?!)

If you have not completed a DIY project from us, what were the major reasons why not?

Why have you not made DIY

Ok, we hear you, you guys are stretched for time, I’m guessing every bride is?! So we’re going to be making it our mission around here to be adding in a lot more tutorials that can be completed quickly! No access to supplies is a difficult one for us to tackle because we mostly use materials available to us in the UK but we’ll try to make more DIYs using more generic supplies that should be accessible from most places! Also it’s good to know that for those of you that haven’t made any DIYs yet one of the biggest reasons was because your wedding is too far away and you’re gonna get creating as soon as you’re ready! High five for that! Don’t forget, if you do make one of our DIYs we would love to see! Tag your photos with #BESPOKEBRIDEDIY on Instagram!

What kind of wedding DIYs would you like to see here?

DIYs youd like to see

Wowzers! You guys had lots of ideas and these are the most common ones we kept seeing so we have noted these down and can’t wait to get researching some project ideas and get creating! Some of you were super specific about the styles and types of DIYs you’d like to see here too which was also super helpful! It was really awesome to hear about all the DIYs you plan to do for your own weddings as well and we’ll be using some of those to structure our posts over the next few months too!