Off The Record: Feeling Inspired & Uplifted!

As the end of an amazing week draws in I can’t help but feel a little sad that it’s over! You see, we kicked off the week by heading up to London to attend the Blogcademy reunion and I don’t think either me or Em anticipated just how fabulous and inspiring it would be! Of course we knew it would be fun, but we didn’t expect to leave London feeling so heart warmed, driven and excited! We met some AMAZING women and got to catch up with old friends! It all began in Emily Fisher’s car…we were accompanied by the lovely Sofia Bianca while the 2 hour journey to London was filled with energy drinks, (attempted) Instagram videos & a little bit of singing!  When we finally got to Wagamamas, the beautiful Jane from She Is The Revolution sat herself down opposite us, what a breath of fresh air Jane was! Once we’d devoured our noodles and curries it was time for a group photo and then we said our goodbyes to Gala, Kat & Shauna and headed into a pub for a couple of hours! We were accompanied by the loveliest and talented couple in the biz: Craig & Veronica. We absolutely love spending our time with these two, not just because they are so inspiring and happy but because they really believe in us and it means the world that they’re so supportive! Other fabulous bloggers we caught up were Xandra  Burns from Fashionably Light, Georgina from Ruby Weddings & we briefly got to see Sophie from the ever amazing Crown & Glory! You know, it sounds cheesy but I had such a moment in that pub where I just glanced around at everyone chatting and I felt so at home! I finally feel like I’ve found something I’m truly passionate about and love doing!

Instagram Sept 15

I could talk about the Blogcademy reunion all day but I better stop there  otherwise this really will turn into a  novel! Here’s what else we’ve been getting up to and loving around the web this week…