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As you guys know a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of styling up The Blogcademy in London! It was an awesome experience and if you missed our video of the decor we created be sure to head on over to our YouTube channel to check it out! The other thing we were asked to do was create something that the guests could take away with them and since pineapples played a pretty big part in our decor we thought it would be fun to create some pineapple fridge magnets! We think these would also make for some pretty fun favours so we couldn’t resist sharing with you how we made them!


Quick set cement // Pineapple ice cube moulds // Magnet tape // Spray paint in the colours of your choice (If you’re wondering where we got the neon colours they’re from Rust-oleum!) // Scissors // Jug //

DIY Fridge magnet favors favours pineapples tutti frutti


Mix up your quick set cement following the instructions on your kit then using a jug pour the mixture quickly into the pineapple moulds (please note the jug will need to be thrown away!)


Wait for the mixture to fully set, ours took around 15 minutes.


We Were Interviewed By Rock N Roll Bride!

Good morning beauts! I’ve got a little light reading for you on this bank holiday Monday! As I’ve mentioned on here before, attending The Blogcademy was one of the best business decisions we ever made, HANDS DOWN. So when Kat, owner & creator of Rock n Roll Bride got in touch to grill me about my experience of The Blogcademy I was more than happy to blow the beautiful blogging trumpet and share with future students just how fabulous and beneficial it was!

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Photo Credit: Matt Somerville Photography

Here’s how the interview went…

We love the changes we’ve seen you making to Bespoke Bride since the workshop in January, especially the amazing rebrand and redesign of the site! What did you learn in class that inspired you to make such big changes?

Thank you! I think one of the most eye opening points that stood out to me from Shauna was that your brand isn’t just about your field of work or genre, it should be about you. You are your own brand. This really resonated with me because looking at Bespoke Bride back then we were just so CLICHÉ! URGH. Honestly, the site design couldn’t have been further away from who me and Emily are but we made the classic mistake of creating the site to look how we thought the audience would want it to instead of how we really wanted to. We also learnt that using a standard WordPress theme is OK for a while but if you really want to up your game then you need to ditch that preset!

There are some super affordable and much more professional looking themes out there that really did change the entire feel of Bespoke Bride. In a world that now seems like everyone has a blog the best thing you can do is stay true to yourself and what you believe because chances are, someone else is already covering what they think the audience wants and in fact, I think that what people are really looking for now is something a little more honest and a little less standard.

Has the overall vision or direction of your blog changed since the class at all? We’ve seen some new regular features cropping up!

Absolutely. We came to realise that there are so many wedding blogs out there that literally just blog real wedding after real wedding after real wedding with nothing else to offer on the site, no business advice, no personal opinions, no wedding advice which is fine for some people but for us, we really wanted to be a wedding blog that stood out as being a little bit different. I learnt at The Blogcademy that people come to your blog for your content but they stay for your personality! (Which our site had NONE of before attending the class). You couldn’t even distinguish if it was me or Emily writing posts which looking back on is absolutely ridiculous because we both have such different opinions! It was time for a major personality upgrade!

Matt Somoverville Photography

Photo Credit: Matt Somerville Photography

We got together to talk about what we really loved and what made us different and so we introduced a few non-wedding related features such as cooking DIYs, home DIYs (since I’m quickly becoming obsessed with interiors) and our Off The Record feature where we talk about what we’ve been getting up to away from the blog that week. We get that some people won’t care about these features but we also get that we’re expanding and appealing to a much larger audience too!


The A-Z of The Blogcademy…

Weekends don’t often get better than the one i just had…inspiring people, an awesome atmosphere & plenty of glitter! That’s right! I headed up to London to attend The Blogcademy, it was time for me to get schooled by 3 ladies who knew how to kick some serious blogging ass!

Instead of going on and on about it though (which I seriously could) I thought I’d take you through the alphabetical journey of the blogcademy instead! Here’s everything that happened and what you can expect if you’re attending a future class!

And tons if it! I am currently full to the brim with information and helpful tips!


Bunny Ears…
Sitting pretty in all their glory upon many a bloggers heads!


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