Wedding Blog Myths Debunked: Weddings Need to Look Good Enough To Blog!

Bespoke Bride Emily Pettiford & Jessica Turley

When me and Jess first started out together we never had any intention of becoming a wedding blog. I know many of you will have heard the story before so I won’t bore you with it again but basically we only wanted a blog to promote my products and Jess’s photography, kind of like a personal business journal or portfolio? I’ll be completely honest with you this time two years ago I was only just getting my head around what a blog was. What is more crazy is that I was actually planning my own wedding  before this time and had never looked at blog before. Crazy huh!

I knew I wanted my wedding to be different I am not always comfortable in front of lots of people, I felt uneasy about inviting people I hadn’t seen in yonks and to be honest I was stricken with the idea of a low key affair. I had family that had passed away that I wanted to feel close to  and so many of the choices I made regarding location were because of that. Basically many of my choices were personal to me and I suppose the reason the blog grew to where it is now is because I had this crazy idea that it was ok to have the wedding you want, not the wedding you think you should have.

So can you imagine my surprise when Jess opened up my eyes to all these other fabulous and imaginative wedding blogs! It was like a whole magical world that I had never known existed. There was a blog for rock n roll weddings, one for boho brides and festival brides even another for the more fashion forward. These blogs all had one thing in  common, they all had a niche. These blogs like ours had all grown out of the bloggers own personal love for this type of wedding, just like ours had grown from the the love of the innovative, the personal and the unique.