After years of people telling me how amazing Snapchat is, I have finally caved and joined in with the fun and I have to admit I have become a little obsessed! It has been just under a week since I created my account and it is already my favourite form of social media. The thing I love about it the most, is that is so personal! Your images don’t have to so curated as with Instagram, all content is totally organic and really opens up a new dimension to people’s lives.

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Because of this both myself and Jess have decided to create our own separate personal accounts instead of a dedicated Bespoke Bride account. We share all other forms of social media, all of which are highly curated so this will be a chance for you to get to know us on a more personal level and we are so excited about it. Don’t get me wrong we will still be sharing lots of Bespoke Bride stuff, mainly behind the scenes, photoshoots, upcoming DIY’s and events, but there will also be the odd brekkie pic thrown in there, lots OF stuff about our pets and much much more!
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Here are a few examples of what you can expect so if you like what you see, follow emilypett1 and JessTur4 or you can scan our snap codes above. 



Behind the scenes Free People Festival Wedding Inspiration with Bespoke Bride-18

I always love seeing behind the scenes on blogs, it adds an element of realism to the site and often makes me feel more connected to the bloggers! It’s so fun seeing how certain shots were set up and different looks were created so today I thought it would be cool to show you some behind the scenes photos that Clare from Lily Fee Floral Designs took on our festival wedding shoot we recently did! You can also see the full shoot here! 

Behind the scenes Free People Festival Wedding Inspiration with Bespoke Bride-2 Behind the scenes Free People Festival Wedding Inspiration with Bespoke Bride-9Behind the scenes Free People Festival Wedding Inspiration with Bespoke Bride-7 Behind the scenes Free People Festival Wedding Inspiration with Bespoke Bride-13Yes we were dancing on set. Underneath disco balls. To music out of a phone! One of my favourite moments of the day was dancing in that yurt!



Stop Being So Hard On Yourself Bespoke Bride advice-2

I have to admit, I have been giving myself a pretty hard time these past few weeks. I’m not sure what has brought it on, maybe it has been the threat of looming deadlines or the fact that our workload has doubled as we try to make up for the time we will be losing over the summer. Going on holiday should be a time to destress and unwind, but those of you who are self employed will know that the weeks leading up to your vacation will generally be the busiest and most stressful, sometimes you might even wonder if taking a holiday is really worth all the extra hours. Of course I know it is, but when you are in the thick of it, the feeling can really start to wear you down and that is exactly what had started to happen to me.

At one point I would have struggled to hold a conversation, I was on the verge of tears at any minute, I was snappy, irritable and really struggling to sleep. I was starting to get frustrated and disappointed with myself. I was angry that there were still things we were yet to achieve, projects that we had started working on over two years ago were still not launched, ideas we had wanted to implement months ago, still not applied, all simply because we didn’t have enough time! Something had to seriously change and quick!

For a time I was scared to voice my concerns, I was worried that people might think that I no longer enjoyed working on the blog or that I didn’t love what I do, which really wasn’t the case at all! I love this blog, it is my baby, but  I felt we were plodding along rather than making a future for ourselves. I decided to take action and after talking with Jess, I realised I wasn’t alone as she was starting to struggle with it all too. We needed to take steps to reduce our workload so that we could start working on a future for our blog and for our business. That meant doing some serious analyzing and discovering what our readers really expected of us. We noticed a huge drop in readers on Fridays and Saturdays compared to the other days of the week so we decided right off the back to not post anything on those days for the time being. There was no point stressing ourselves out creating posts that weren’t going to be seen, so instead we would use those days to a.) take a break, b.) spend more time on quality posts that our readers were enjoying, such as real weddings, styled shoots, DIY’s and helpful guides and c.) start working on some of those projects we had put on the back burner for so long.


Christmas Adventures with Briar Rose & Mermaid Gossip

Last week me, Em and Emily from Mermaid Gossip all bundled into the car (dressed head to toe in our warmest Christmas clothes!) for an afternoon of adventure in Bath with Megan from Briar Rose and what an afternoon it was! We were greeted at Megan’s flat by the most beautiful spread of afternoon tea…