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JEEEEZ Can you believe it’s the end of November already?! Seriously. Christmas is a mere 27 days away! (Yep, i’m one of those really annoying people that countdown the days until Christmas…but hey….I love it! It IS the most wonderful time of the year!!) Anyway, you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun right? Which is why the months are flying by so quickly for us, but we’re not the only ones having lots of fun and being busy around here…wait until you hear what all of our lovely sponsors have been getting up to…

Meet Yvonne Lishman Photography 

Yvonne Lishman

About Me…

Family and friends say I’m not all there. So where the hell’s the rest of me? I laugh at inappropriate things at inappropriate times; like when the wind blew my dress up around my head at a wedding and everyone saw my knickers, and a bit more besides. I fell about laughing but the guests fell about ill; I don’t wear dresses like that anymore. The potato crisp is mans single greatest invention and the olive his greatest discovery; both are my waistlines downfall. Pugs and cats are brilliant and I love mine so much it’s a wonder my lips aren’t all hairy from the numerous times I kiss them on their heads each day. But what care you of me when there’s you my peeps! Ring! Ring! Let me know how you met; your lovely love story and fab wedding plans! In the words of Bruce Willis, kind of, ‘Come to Nottingham, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.’

This Past Few Months I Have…

…had a pretty hectic time but in a good way as they’ve been packed with totes amazeballs weddings, including one for Don’t Tell The Bride, which Emily and Jess will be featuring soon. When I started 30 years ago (yes I really am that old but luckily for you I must have received a bang on the head at 14 as I don’t seem to have gotten much passed that) I trained in medical photography. It was all guts and gore but thankfully now, not having photographed any Kill Bill style ceremonies to date, it’s all super duper couples and fun and funky weddings. Those fun and funky weddings keep me very busy and I don’t currently find the time to blog so thought I might share a few tips with you on picking the right photographer for the job if you’re planning on having a winter wedding. Poor light or bad weather is not limited to the winter in this country and an experienced photographer will not have a problem shooting in any lighting situation in order to get the best shots.

My Top Tips For A Winter Wedding:

If possible book an early ceremony then you have a better chance of getting some outdoor daylight images, great if the sky is moody or there is frost or snow around.

Ask to see examples of winter wedding images. If your photographer doesn’t have any in album form, we photographers just love to show off our sun drenched blue sky middle of August weddings, ask to see evidence of their winter wedding images perhaps on an iPad or in a slideshow, and full weddings not just the odd image. If they don’t have any winter weddings to show ask if they have any from a wedding where they had to cope with bad light or work indoors all day because of poor weather. This will give you an indication of how they cope in extremes of light and whether they are skilled in using additional artificial light sources when needed.

It might seem obvious but will you be warm enough in what you’re wearing. If you’ve opted for a strapless number more suited to summer no amount of editing is going to rid you of the goose bumps that will be all over your skin nor will it lift the fed up I’m completely frozen look from your face. Cover up In something fabulous!

On the 9th of November I had my first winter wedding of the season for a fab rabbit mad couple called Lynne and Lee. Their wedding took place at Hart’s Hotel in the centre of Nottingham. City weddings are brilliant; the backdrops are just so diverse whatever the time of year. We were lucky with the weather as it remained dry all day and we got lots of shots outdoors but it was very cold and the sky was dull plus we didn’t start the shoot until after 3pm. Lynne and Lee must have been freezing their whatsits off but I worked quickly with the daylight we had left and got a little creative with flash for a couple of the shots. The results were awesome and Lynne and Lee love their images. You can have a peek at their day here!

Thanks for reading and have fun at your wedding whenever it is. Mwah! Mwah! Yvonne x

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Meet Michael Marker Photography

Michael Marker Photography

About Me…

Hi I’m Michael Marker, owner and photographer in chief of Michael Marker Photography. Based in Devon, I love travelling around the country and beyond documenting so many couples wedding days! With my fine art background I’m always looking for that something special and fusing the documentary and fine art in my work.


Blue Willow Events Launches The Wedding Sessions

Fifi and Hannah The wedding sessions

Are you starting to plan your wedding? Are you beginning to wonder how you are ever going to pull everything together on your own but can’t afford a wedding planner? Starting to panic over your budget? Finding it difficult to juggle your busy day to day life with the demands of organising? Does this sound like you? Well today we are here to tell you, you are not alone.

Lets hear you say ‘eureka’ for The Wedding Sessions! Born out of a love for couples that were arty and creative, Fifi and Hannah, founders of Blue Willow Events, wanted to have the chance to work with ‘get up and goers’, the sort of people who want creative license over their wedding day rather than approach a wedding planner.

The Wedding sessions are a great investment for any couple planning their own wedding. They get a days’ worth of access to two wedding planners who will be happy to answer any of their burning questions in an intimate setting, as well as all the tips, tricks and tools that we use to make it all run smoothly and a comprehensive ‘manual’ with advice on how best to go about getting down the aisle and keeping track of that dreaded budget. There will also be specialist talks on one aspect of the wedding industry from photography to floristry – you will hear from the best in the business!