A Handmade & Elegant Wedding Filled with Glittery Details & A Beautifully Unique Bouquet – Joscelyn & Christian


Meet Joscelyn and Christian. The awesome couple that first met on bonfire night then 4 years later decided to use that personal story as part of their wedding! That’s right, the theme was a starry night sky with a sprinkling of sparkles and fireworks! Doesn’t it just sound stunning? If that wasn’t enough, wait until you see the bride’s bouquet! Dale Weeks captured the whole day beautifully and let us show you just how special it was…Over to Christian to tell you more…

Star Firework Wedding 1

Our wedding Ceremony was held in St Michaels Church, Bray, and the reception was at Hall Place, Burchetts Green. The church was chosen as it is where the Bride grew up. The reception was chosen because it was a beautiful venue that could hold our many guests inside away from the rain!