Two Librarians, a Bundle Of Books & a Beautiful Bike Ride

Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 11

Capturing two creative librarians’ love story who are head-over-heels crazy in love sounds like a pretty great way to spend an afternoon, the quirky crafty ideas and vision of Dana & Sheldon are so obvious in all these shots that you’re probably going to fall in love with them a little bit too! Dana knew that she would love to incorporate books, reading, their sweet doggies, records, and a bike ride around their gorgeous neighbourhood. And that’s just what the session turned into….

Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 2Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 21 Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 25


30 Gifts For The Quirky, Fun & Effortlessly Cool

Gifts For The Quirky Fun Cool

18 days. 18 DAYS PEOPLE UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Are you as excited as me? I’m really making the effort to get into the Christmas spirit, i’ve already got most of my Christmas shopping done online and while I was on my searches I found some pretty awesome gifts! Mostly things I would just want for myself but none the less, i’d like to think this is a pretty cool gift guide! So without further ado, I give you 30 gifts for the quirky, fun & effortlessly cool! Go forth and treat your friends, family or even yourself you beaut!

1: First up is this heart water colour cushion from Society 6. I could pretty much list all the products over on Society 6 as awesome gifts so prepare to feel amazed when you head over there!

2: How beautiful are these crystal point pendants over on Etsy? I love all of the colours too!

3: Anyone who knows me well knows that I love a good piece of skull decor and this ceramic skull planter is no exception!

4: Alternatively, these geometric diamond plant holders over on Not On The High Street also float my boat!

5: Man, this leather journal is so beautiful, perfect for your best boho babe!


Off The Record: Baking, Books & Blogger Chat!

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Hello from a very sick Emily. I am writing this from the comfort of my sofa wrapped in a duvet, with a hot water bottle and in my PJ’s with fluffy warm socks. I got home from a great day out with Jess, Emily (Fishee Photobooth & Mermaid Gossip) and Helen (The Wedding Bazaar) in Usk, when I was suddenly struck down with this horrible icky virus that made me feel horrendously nauseous and achy all over. Thankfully I am feeling alot better today but I thought it best to ride it out for the rest of the day from the safety of my sofa, which I think you will agree is the best place to be when you’re feeling a little under the weather. 

Now enough of me feeling sorry for myself lets get on to what we have been loving this week…


♥ Date day & night with Mr T! We went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema (which was amazeballs by the way!) then on to Frankie and Bennies for dinner, where I had the best Peanut butter milkshake!

♥  Spending the day in the garden with Mr T! I know I always bang on about my garden but it certainly is one of my most favourite places to be!

Mr T surprising me with a clay oven. I have wanted one for aaaaages, now to do some outdoor cooking! I’m thinking marshmallows, baked spuds, BBQs….

♥ Reading a book in bed! It has been so long since I have done that but it so relaxing! I am reading Richard Dawkins, The Magic of Reality right now and it’s really quite mind blowing!!

♥ Receiving our invitation for the Wedding Blog Awards at the Savoy! I am so excited, now all I have to do is decide on something to wear!


When Emily bakes me yummy food! Particularly crumbles! Apple crumbles and pies are my absolutely fave, especially when they’re mixed with berries so this week when Emily baked me an apple and blackberry crumble I was in heaven! Needless to say I wolfed it down with a nice cup of tea! 

Lunch dates with fellow bloggers, as Emily mentioned we went out to lunch with Em & Helen this week to a cute little restaurant in Usk called La Cantina! It’s so nice spending time with people who also run blogs, the blogger chat is endless and it’s so helpful and inspiring! 

Finishing series 3 of Luther! MAN it was good!!! Gutted it’s all over now though, however I hear they’re making a film! 

Planning our DIYs for the next few months, we have some good ones in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you all! 

Company Magazine. It’s my favourite magazine and I’m so so so gutted to find out this month is the last ever edition of Company! Thank god I can still get my fix online! 



Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Harry Potter

Man am I excited. My friend from Mexico arrived last night to stay for a few days and I cannot wait to show her The Forest Of Dean where we live!!! One of the stops we’re visiting will be Gloucester Cathedral not only because it’s beautiful but because some of Harry Potter was filmed there! I love how essences of Harry Potter can be found throughout the Forest Of Dean, did I also mention I went to the same school as J.K. Rowling? Yep. Pretty cool ay? Well…not as cool as the Harry Potter wedding inspiration board I’m about to unleash on you all!

Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

Photo Credits: Butter Beer: Heather Bailey/ Harry Potter Glasses Necklace: Six Astray Etsy/

But what would a Harry Potter themed wedding look like I hear you cry?! Well….prepare for horcruxes, golden snitch cake pops, broomstick favors and even a few chocolate frogs! I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good…