Watercolour Ombre Wedding Ideas Veil

When browsing through the Wedding Style Guide out of Etsy’s editors picks last week I couldn’t help but notice all of the unique and down right gorgeous pieces that have been getting added recently! One of my favourite wedding trends has always been watercolour, I just love how unpredictable the colours are when blended together and let me tell ya, I found some insanely beautiful watercolour wedding pieces when browsing through!

For me it’s a trend that will never go out of style, there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your wedding day whether subtle or loud and today I wanted to share with you 21 swoon worthy pieces that will make you want a watercolour wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette theme! Cue the pretty colours!

Watercolour Ombre Wedding Ideas Etsy Watercolor

1.(Above) HOW INSANELY amazing is that watercolour ombre veil?! I mean, it’s seriously striking and so beautiful!

2. I love these simple watercolour table numbers!

3. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes and I feel like these watercolour shoes would be the perfect pair of bridal heels!

4. Why not gift your gal pals their very own watercolour kimono robes to get ready in on the morning?

5. This watercolour clutch is the bomb!

6. If you’re after some bridal shower or bachelorette party games then we’ve got a pack of 6 printables here!

7. It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Crown & Glory so this watercolour petal crown is right up our street!

8. How cool is this watercolour geo snapchat filter?! All the guests at your wedding can share their snaps with it!

9. Let’s not forget the tableware, these paper plates are perfect for a bridal shower or hen party!

10. If you love DIYing like we do then you’re gonna wanna grab a few rolls of this watercolour washi tape! There are so many fun projects you could create!

11. How about starting the watercolour theme early with these pretty save the dates?



Floral Flower Bow Tie DIY Tutorial Summer Spring Wedding Groomswear Fashion Daisy-1

Happy Friday guys! We’ve got a super quick and easy DIY for you to try this weekend and it requires hardly any materials! Bonus! How adorbs would bow ties like these look on a bunch of groomsmen in a summer wedding?! We love the idea of going BIG with the florals! Here’s how to make your own…

Floral Flower Bow Tie DIY Tutorial Summer Spring Wedding Groomswear Fashion Daisy-6 Floral Flower Bow Tie DIY Tutorial Summer Spring Wedding Groomswear Fashion Daisy-3


An old bow tie // small faux flowers // A glue gun //


Cut the stems off your small faux flowers so that they will sit flat against the bow tie.


Grab your glue gun and start to glue your flowers to the tie, we started closest to the middle then worked our way out. Lastly we stuck the middle flower on so that it sat higher than the rest.

Floral Flower Bow Tie DIY Tutorial Summer Spring Wedding Groomswear Fashion Daisy-4 Floral Flower Bow Tie DIY Tutorial Summer Spring Wedding Groomswear Fashion Daisy-5


10 Ways A Dog Wedding Would Be PAWesome…

Am I barking mad (oh me) to think a puppy themed wedding could be possible?! If you know me personally then you will know that it is no secret that I am dog crazy and after Jess’s post last week on 10 Cat Wedding Must Haves I thought it would only be fair that we equalise the cat and dog world here on Bespoke Bride! I’ve had so much fun finding features for this post and a part of me began to consider this theme myself! Especially for Mushu’s first birthday party! Now let’s get you dog lovers tails wagging with our 10 ways a dog wedding would be PAWsome…

1: First things first we need to get your pooch looking proper! This easy tutorial from Alma Camponesa shows you how!

2: I am sooo in love with this Ted Baker bag! Such a classy accessory for the bride or bridesmaids.. I may have to purchase one myself!

3: How awesome is this pet themed clock DIY from A Beautiful Mess?! It would be an amazing piece of decor at your wedding!


Wedding DIY: How To Make A No Sew Polka Dot Bow Tie

DIY How To Make A Bow Tie Polka dot Wedding DIY

Aren’t bow ties the cutest? I’m pretty sure adding a bow tie to any outfit whether you’re male or female adds an instant uplift of sweetness! Especially when that bow tie is polka dot! Am I right?! Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret…as much as I love crafting and creating things, I absolutely suck at sewing. No joke. I’m terrible. To give myself a little credit I’ve actually never attended a proper sewing class or anything but then I’m also pretty sure that most people who can sew, even basic sewing, didn’t do that either! Which is exactly why I created a ‘no sew’ DIY bow tie! I love this little thing and it cost me just under a fiver!! The material was £3 from Hobby craft and the velcro was 99p! Chuck in the glue and voila, that’s all the expense there is!

Not only are these obviously good to make for your groom or groomsmen on your wedding day but I also think they’d make a pretty awesome Christmas present too! Ready to get started?