So you’ve fallen in love with a headpiece, now what? You’re not sure how you want to style your hair around it whilst still showcasing it? Well worry no more because today we’re going to be sharing 3 stylish & modern ways that you can show off your wedding headband, from down tasseled curls, to crown braids and mermaid braids! The best news is we’ve teamed up with Britten who have over 20 wedding headbands available, (seriously guys, they’re insanely beautiful) prepare to swoon….


Beauty DIY: How To Create A Plaited, Beach Style Waves Look

1 Beach Style Waves

Thanks to the lovely Isabel While from Bridal Styling we’ve now got a couple of hair DIY’s to share with you! First up…How to create a plaited, beach style waves look! It’s super easy to do to! However, we do agree in saying that doing your own hair on the morning of your wedding could potentially be quite stressful (hire a pro ladies!) but this look would work anywhere, not just on your special day! We know we’ll both be wearing it more often!

Step 1