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So tell me guys, what are your feelings on hair extensions? Done right, I think that you will agree they can be all kinds of beautiful however, I have seen one or two hair extension faux pas’ in my time. Recently we got to play with a few sets of extensions from Koko couture and I have to admit I have since fallen in love with them in a big way! Usually, I would only wear extensions to add length but as you have probably noticed, Jess needs no help in that department. So I wanted to experiment with new uses for them. Although long, Jess’s hair is quite fine, so I focused on using the extensions to create volume, because we all need help with a little bit of volume… right ladies?

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For the first look I kinda went all out, adding not just one set of extensions, but two! The first set created volume and the second added colour! Jess has been fancying going grey ombre for some time now but has always worried about stripping the colour out of her hair, so these were perfect for her,  as she could wear them when she fancied a change and not worry about it being permanent.


Festive Hair Tutorial

Ooooh it’s about to get all festive up in here! If you’re looking for a cute and elegant hair style for any of the Christmas celebrations you have coming up then we’re here for you my friend! Well, Em’s here for you! I’m the not the best at hair styling but I reckon after following…


Off The Record: Braids, Beetroot & Believing The Date

Is anybody else totally shocked that it’s the 1st of August today?! I mean, how did that happen?! We’re starting the 8th month of 2014! Sayyyy whaaaattt! I hope that this year is shaping up nicely for you! I just can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by, but they say time flies when you’re having fun and this week was no exception! Here’s what we were loving in the final days of July…

Bespoke Bride Instagram July


 Tiger. As in the shop, I had never even heard of it until we were just strolling past it in Cheltenham on the weekend, I loved pretty much every single item in there but I managed to refrain myself from buying an abundance of fun colourful stuff and instead left with a handful of awesome napkins! I wish these cool geometric boxes were in store though, I’d have totally snapped them up too!

 Visiting Liz and Adam up in Cheltenham, their new house is absolutely gorgeous and I fell head over heels in love with the newest member of their household; Kate Moss, the beautiful little kitten! It was also ace to chill out, have drinks and sing maybe just a little bit too much..

 Adding beetroot into my morning juices! What could be better than food that’s naturally pink?!

 Prawn stir fry. I just cannot get enough of it, especially with a teaspoon of grated ginger thrown in!

♥ Jamie’s Italian. I’ve got to say the pasta was delicious!! It’s all made fresh that day and I ordered a squid ink dish covered in mussels, crayfish and squid! SO YUM!


Homemade Ice Cream Soda’s – They are so tasty!!!

Going for a beautiful walk around Symonds Yacht with Mr T at sunset then indulging in a yummy dinner at the Saracens Head Pub.

Braids in my hair! I have never been able to braid my hair and after spending one evening practising and checking out tutorials on Youtube I am now a dab hand.

Holding a Twilight marathon weekend – my secret guilty pleasure!

DIY days with Jess, we have been having a blast this week, creating new DIY’s and videos for you. We can’t wait to share them!!!



DIY Confetti Vases

Confetti Vases (Totally in love with these! And so simple too! Above photos by Sugar and Cloth)

Net Inspiration Board


How to Use the Flexi Braid From Real Hair by Clara

When on our photo shoot last week hair & makeup stylist Isabel While created rocking braid hairstyles for the both of us. Jess had a simple plait incorporated into her messy up-do and I had slightly more complicated waterfall braids. I love braids they can instantly make you look all boho chic and although we aren’t ones for following trend, they are set to be huge in wedding hair this year. I would love to be able to say “now here is a DIY on how to create them”, but I’m going to need a bit more practice before I do that, instead we want to introduce you to the cheats version.

Naughty Naughty!

The Flexi braid is a versatile braid created by Real Hair by Clara, which can be worn in many ways and shaped in various directions to create many different braided styles. We decided to experiment with a few & dish out the how to’s!  Here’s the results:

How To Braided Up

1.Divide your hair into 3 sections on either side of your head and plait each section individually.
2. Fix the the flexi braid across the top of your head.
3. Wrap the rest of the braids across the top of your head.
4. Pin all the braids into place.