Christmas Adventures with Briar Rose & Mermaid Gossip

Last week me, Em and Emily from Mermaid Gossip all bundled into the car (dressed head to toe in our warmest Christmas clothes!) for an afternoon of adventure in Bath with Megan from Briar Rose and what an afternoon it was! We were greeted at Megan’s flat by the most beautiful spread of afternoon tea…


A Thanksgiving Dinner To Remember

Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-15

Last weekend we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early and invite over a coupleĀ of our best blogger babes (Emily and Megan) for an evening of fun! Me and Emily spent the entire of Friday and Saturday morning styling up the table (you can see how here!) and getting things ready for our special Thanksgiving dinner. I must admit that stuffing a turkey for the first time wasn’t my finest hour but the celebrations that followed truly was the perfect way to spend an early Thanksgiving! We exchanged and opened our Secret Santa presents, had a few drinks and of course indulged in some delicious hearty food! The roast dinner was then followed by some homemade apple pie and ice-cream and a nice boozy hot chocolate to top it all off! Our bellies were well and truly full and once we finally had ourĀ onesies on it was the perfect time to settle down for a cosy evening full of blogger chat and laughter…

Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-30 Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-1 Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-2 Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-6 Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-11 Thanksgiving Modern Geometric Decor-21


When Bloggers Get Together

Blogging Get Together Bloggers-18Last Friday me and Emily headed up to Bristol to visit the awesome Emily from Mermaid Gossip! We were joined by the fabulous Sophie from Crown & Glory and the lovely Megan from Briar Rose and it was a night to remember! Or errr not remember, since there was a lot of wine involved! When us bloggers get together I always come away feeling so uplifted and empowered! There’s something so special about spending time with people who are in the same industry as you, it give you a huge moral boost! Here’s a few snaps of our evening together, although I must admit, I spent way more time chatting and drinking than taking photos oops!

Blogging Get Together Bloggers-19 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-6 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-4 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-5 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-14Blogging Get Together Bloggers