Bright and bold wedding outfit styles4

When I tell people that my ‘job’ is wedding blogging the response I often get is ‘Aww does that mean you get to go to loads of weddings?!’ (Sometimes the response is what’s a blog? But don’t even get me started on that one) Long story short, nope, I totally do not get to go to loads of weddings! I get to see hundreds of beautiful weddings online but the only time I attend weddings is the same as most people; when my family or friends are tying the knot! (And as you can imagine I get totally over excited when this happens!) Anyway, I often find myself dreaming of what I would wear to certain types of weddings and today I thought I would share with you some of favourite styles  around right now!

You guys know we’re not shy of colour around here so the above summer wedding outfit is perfect for us! We love to dress colourfully all year round but there’s something even nicer about wearing bright and bold colours when the sun is shining!


1. Mini Boxy Tote from Topshop // 2. Neon Coral Short Lace Top from H & M // 3. Pierre Hardy Tri Coloured Wedges from //4. Elizabeth Arden Matt Lipstick in Coral Crush 42 // 5. Freeway Apparel Floral Maxi Skirt // 6. Cerise earring set from H & M // 7. NARS Nail Polish in Ikiru Light Blue //

Festival Wedding Outfit with maxi dress kimono and temp tattoos2

We are officially in full on festival season now and we all know that festival weddings are as popular as ever! If I was lucky enough to attend one of these weddings I would have to get all dressed up in something like the above! (P.S how epic is that head piece?!)