A Little Red Riding Hood Engagement – Lauren & Steven

Little red riding hood engagement shoot

I love it when people get creative with their engagement photography! I have seen some beautiful shoots in the past few years but the ones that really stand out in my mind are the ones where the couple have obviously put a lot of thought into their shoot and have really wanted to have fun with it. Today’s engagement tells a story and not just in pictures. Lauren (the beautiful bride to be who owns blog Miss Elyse) actually wrote a story to go along with todays shoot which you can find on her blog here, she really has a great talent for telling wonderful stories.

Little Red Riding Hood Engagement

Shot in a Forest in Brisbane by fabulous photographer Brian of KISSstudio, Lauren and Steve wanted a shoot that would allow them to have some fun but also tell a story. Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood this engagement is something that fairytales are made of…

Red Riding hood engagement

Little Red riding hood engagement