How to Personalise Your Wedding Without DIY, A Real Brides Top Tips: Sophie & Matthew

A non DIY Wedding with Personalised Touches at Riverstation in Bristol

Over the past few years we have featured lots of real weddings and have been passionate about asking each and every bride and groom to pass on their words of wisdom when it comes to planning a wedding, something I hope you have found helpful at one time or another. However today’s bride has really gone out of her way to provide you guys with some absolutely fabulous tips and tricks on how to personalise your wedding without a lifting a finger to a glue gun and more importantly without any added stress. So if you are looking to personalise your wedding but the idea of DIY’ing sends a shudder down your spine then read on folks, this one is for you…

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When Bloggers Get Together

Blogging Get Together Bloggers-18Last Friday me and Emily headed up to Bristol to visit the awesome Emily from Mermaid Gossip! We were joined by the fabulous Sophie from Crown & Glory and the lovely Megan from Briar Rose and it was a night to remember! Or errr not remember, since there was a lot of wine involved! When us bloggers get together I always come away feeling so uplifted and empowered! There’s something so special about spending time with people who are in the same industry as you, it give you a huge moral boost! Here’s a few snaps of our evening together, although I must admit, I spent way more time chatting and drinking than taking photos oops!

Blogging Get Together Bloggers-19 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-6 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-4 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-5 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-14Blogging Get Together Bloggers


Off The Record: Bristol, Baths & Beers

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! (sorry) I just couldn’t help myself, secretly I bet it’s stuck in your head now too! (Cue the evil laugh) I hope you’ve had a fantastic week, me and Em have busy as usual, creating DIYs, organising our blogging schedule but also making sure we get plenty of down time by catching up with friends, spending time outside and taking some super relaxing baths (not together obviously!) All in all it’s been a pretty great week and we’ve got lots of things we loved and enjoyed over the past few days to share with you!

Bespoke Bride Instagram

Here’s what else we’ve been loving…


Going out for amazing steak in awesome restaurants! This week we went to the Ox in Bristol with some friends and the food was seriously amazing. I would highly recommend it! It was also so nice just to spend some time with the girls, I had such a laugh and was so pleased to see Connie/Colin after so long! Singing our hearts out to Busted some really cool music on the way home was fun too!

Cooking a roast dinner. I’ve got to be honest here, normally I’ll just sit back and enjoy my mum’s roast dinners on a Sunday but last week me & James actually made one for ourselves! The timing was kinda chaotic but it all worked out in the end and was pretty good! Still nowhere near as good as mothers though (sigh)

 Catching up with my friend Meg who I hadn’t seen for months over some Italian food! We went to our favourite local restaurant called Mamma Mias in chepstow and I went for my standard choice of gnocchi! It’s just so dam good!

Watching Marley & Me. I’ve seen it before but was outraged to hear James hadn’t, so I made him watch it with me. Naturally I was just sobbing my heart out while he didn’t even shed a single tear. Does that mean he’s heartless? Probably.

Doing DIY hair tutorials with Em, even if I do look like the grudge during the process!


You’re probably not too surprised to hear that I have been spending even more time in my garden this week but not with Mr T. My brother has shown a huge interest in helping me out for a change, so I have kept him busy sawing wood and clearing space for our second vegetable patch. It has been so nice to spend some quality time with him, we certainly don’t do it enough. 

Homegrown potatoes! My dad has had a very successful year growing potatoes. So much so he has been keeping us in steady supply for much of the summer. I dont know what it is but there is something so satisfying about eating homegrown produce and it really does taste so much better!

♥ I have become obsessed with the stylebook app! It allows you to take pictures of all your clothes and helps your create new outfits. I am already putting together items of clothing I had forgot I even had to create out new outfits. Great if you’re skint and feel like your wardrobe needs a revamp!

Beer and Baths. Yup thats right, this week I indulged in a bath and in that bath I drunk a beer and I couldn’t have felt more relaxed. If you have never had a beer and bath night you must try it! (I should probably include some sort of disclaimer here that is is dangerous to drink excessive amounts of alcohol in the bath, but in this instance I only drank one! Remember to drink alcohol responsibly :D) 

♥ Girly nights! This week myself and Jess headed out to Bristol with a bunch of girlfriends to enjoy some wine, where I developed a taste for red, which is really unlike me and a steak (being vegetarian I obviously opted out of that one!). It was so nice to catch up with everyone as it had been months since we last spoke. Nothing beats a good old natter with the girls 🙂

♥ Being involved in this interview with Wedding Lovely Blog. I love doing things like this, its lots of fun!



Pom Pom Fruit

Pom Pom Fruit! (Ummm AMAZING?! I love these! Above photos via Mr Printables)

Pineapple Favor Bags!


Fashion Friday: A Trendy Tweetup!

A Fashion Friday 26 April-15

We visited our first ever Tweetup in Bristol last week, held on the terrace of  the fabulous Goldbrick House. The sun was shining down, the champagne and cocktails were flowing and the company was terrific. As I watched the evening sun descend over the Bristol rooftops,I was reminded of the fact that summer is literally just around the corner, the evenings are getting longer and it will soon be time for bbq’s and mojitos in the garden!



We are loving being able to share with you today yet another amazing local business, this company is really like nothing else you have seen before.

DIG HAÜSHIZZLE is a furniture company, but not any old furniture company, specialising in collecting affordable, individual stylish pieces, many of which are antique others that are wonderfully quirky. Their pieces range from furniture to taxidermy and lamps to letter presses some of which are now in stock in The Antlers Gallery, Cabot Circus, Bristol.