Unusual Inspiration Item: The Kiwi

Sometimes looking at the same old magazines and books for wedding inspiration can become a bit…well….samey. Which is why it’s nice to get away from all of that and look elsewhere. For example, in your fruit bowl.

Now, here me out! I haven’t gone diet crazy demanding that fruit be used everywhere! I’m simply saying, think outside the box. Colour schemes can be found all over the place!

Kiwi Board 2


Never a Frown with Golden Brown…

 Golden Brown texture like sun…

Everyone has heard the iconic song by The Stranglers, the title evokes vivid flashes of rich  chocolate and luscious warmth and is the inspiration behind this shoot.Some might say these are quite traditional colours but we like to take something conventional and mix it up a bit to show you just how creative yet effective it can look. As if that wasn’t enough this shoot might also might make you consider putting your own unique twist on the desert table.
Miss Emmelines

Miss Emmelines Miss Emmelines


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: An Autumn Journey

Since Autumn is in full swing we thought it only fair to feature an Autumn inspiration board for all of you lovely brides becoming inspired by the gorgeous hues of this season!

When we think of Autumn our minds run wild with deep rustic browns and every shade of orange you could imagine!

We can practically hear the crunch of leaves on the ground and smell the warm candles burning! To help you get into the ‘autumnal spirit’ here’s a little inspiration board full of wedding warmth & pumpkin pieces!