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Hello Martina here, from Photostories! I am one of many…million…BILLIONS of wedding photographers out there (I do like a good hyperbole) and as much as I’d like to think my unique approach will one day conquer the world, to be completely honest and blunt with you, you will always find a photographer whose style is very very similar to tens of others. There’s only so many ways one can shoot a wedding.

This doesn’t mean however that we’re all the same and booking this one as opposed to that one won’t make a difference. It will make a massive difference. But how do you start looking if you’re newly engaged and are not ‘up do date’ with the latest trends and trending people in wedding photography? Here’s a few killer tricks that might help you find the needle in the wedding haystack.

1. Pick a Style

I read this article on Peta Pixel a short while ago that cracked me up. Yes, what Pavel is saying may have been exaggerated for entertainment purpose, but if you scrap the humour from the article, it says the god honest truth, though it might be missing some other styles that are (thankfully) dying.

There’s a trending number of editing styles out there that most photographers are using and abusing (myself included, I like to put my style in the ‘peachy’ category) and it’s really important that you pick one that resonates with how you imagine your wedding photos to be. If you like a film-like editing, don’t email a photographer that shoots only sepia. Likewise, if you like spot-colour, don’t look for a photographer that edits with vsco. And so on…you get the drill. If you do, you’ll just end up having a photographer on the other end of the line screaming to him/herself ‘WHY? WHY ME?’

There’s a lot more than editing styles of course. Look for someone that produces work that strikes a chord in your heart. Attention to details? Candids? Original compositions? There’s a lot to look out for.


2. Scout Wedding Blogs

This can also help you narrow down a style you like, given that most of the good wedding blogs won’t just feature or promote a photographer that is light years away from what they like.

Say Bespoke-Bride for example, you very likely won’t be clicking on one of the adverts here on the right and end up in an old-fashioned, sepia, dutch-tilted wedding photography inferno. That’s because the girls here have good taste, and -more importantly- style. And so do their vendors.

Go to your favourite blog and have a browse, you’ll find more than what you’d expect.