If you’ve been reading Bespoke Bride for a while now then i’m sure you know all about the awesome Charm Cat Stationery! We featured Ashleigh’s beautiful work last year as part of our ‘Supplier Love‘ and you’ll often see her advert sitting pretty in our sidebar! Today though, we really wanted to shine the spotlight on 3 of her new stationery collections that have just hit the shelves and we know you’re going to love each and every one! Say hello to invitations that shine with spring feeling and will have you dreaming of stargazing, catching fireflies and picking dandelion seeds! Over to Ashleigh to tell you more…

Fall In Love With The Painted Collection!

roses-menu ppeacock-invite-01 lilac-correspondence_plus

“This collection is inspired by the simple beauty of nature. This is my truly unique collection, as every design uses an original work of art, hand-painted by me. The colors, the brush strokes, and the different techniques make each one completely different from anything else you’ll find. The Lilac and Peony feature a loose watercolor technique. The Roses are bold and bright in acrylic, and the Peacock shows off some flair—painted with shimmer paints.”


A Rustic Vegan Wedding at Folly Farm

Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0091

This wedding oozes so much personality and charm that I had a hard time narrowing down the photos to publish here! I love absolutely everything about it; the neutral colours, the laid back camping atmosphere and just how many of Mollie and Arran’s friends and family came together to make this special day that extra bit special! Even photographer Liron Erel said that this wedding touched him on so many levels that he couldn’t help himself taking video shots throughout the day, as one medium was just not enough…

Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0002 Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0003 Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0009 Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0019 Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0017 Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0018 Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0021Folly farm wedding by Liron Erel 0033


A Charming English Barn Wedding: Emma & Scott

A Charming English Barn Wedding

When I was first introduced to Emma and Scott’s story I had a very deja vu moment. In fact I had to double check the couples names as I really thought I was reading the story of how one of my best friends had first met her husband.

Any way I digress. Today’s wedding has some of the most beautiful styling I have ever seen in a barn! Beautiful rustic floral displays, pretty pastel bunting, loads of fairy lights and all brought to life with the most fantastic photography! What really struck me with Emma and Scott was their desire to make sure everyone shared some part in their special day, holding a wedding in both New Zealand and back here in the UK, to make sure their most nearest and dearest could celebrate with them. Their first ceremony was held in New Zealand so it was only right that parts of that were included back home. In honour they had the best bottle labels made up, using an image from the original ceremony, along with the cutest surprise from Emma’s brothers, which featured a video of sweet messages from their family and friends back in New Zealand!

Here is Emma and Scott’s story…

Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-90 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-95 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-99 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-146 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-154 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-183 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-190 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-198 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-275 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-278 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-287 Emma_Scotty_Wedding_WEB-291 A Charming English Barn Wedding