Introducing Aunties Vintage China and her Heirloom Bouquets

This afternoon we would like to share a unique idea from Aunties Vintage China. Sue has designed some wonderfully unusual bouquets that are truly unique, something we at Bespoke Bride embrace fully. Sue is the founder of Aunties Vintage China so it is only right that we let her tell you a little bit about it…

♥ ♥ ♥

Brooch bouquets are for keeps! “Aunties” will create a bespoke bouquet for you that can be customised with sentimental pieces e.g. a brooch or ring from a much loved relative or thistles if you are from Scotland. The bouquet becomes an heirloom piece which may be handed down from generation to generation and is unique to you and your family. Prices depend on the amount of brooches used and the nature of the stones and metals included in the bouquet.


Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair

Last weekend the two of us that are Bespoke Bride made the small journey over to Bristol to attend Bristol vintage’s second successful wedding fair. The weather was glorious so I thought I would take the opportunity to sweep the cobwebs from Jess’s eyes as she was shall we say slightly hung over, by putting the roof down on the convertible. Although sunny someone should really have mentioned it still gets cold, and so we arrived at the wedding fair after getting lost for some time  a regular occurrence for me shivering and extremely windswept.