A 1950’S Rockabilly Wedding With The Coolest Car Couch Ever!: Cara & Mike


You can tell from Cara and Mike’s rockabilly styled wedding that this is a couple that know how to have fun and they aren’t afraid to show it!

Their whole wedding is a reflection of ┬átheir personalities, from their love of the 1950’s and vintage cars to pin up and statement decor, even their more sensitive sides have been incorporated into the day with special touches like quotes and images to honour loved and lost ones that couldn’t be there to share in their special day.

I really love this wedding not just because I too share a secret passion for old vintage cars, (my dream is to own a pink Cadillac) but I have have totally fallen in love with Cara and Mike, I love their confidence, their humour, their style. They really are the most wonderful, laid back couple!

Here is Cara who wants to tell you her story and share some of her top notch advice…