20 Unique Places to Get Married or Hold Your Reception

As you all know we love to encourage the idea of bringing a little ‘you’ into your day, this can be done in so many ways but one of the more obvious choices is to select a venue that reflects your personality!

Now, this collection isn’t going to ‘float everyone’s boat’ so to speak, some of you will find these ideas incredible, others wouldn’t even dream of holding their wedding in these places, but that’s what it’s all about! Every single one of you is unique and this list has been created to inspire the socks off you!

Of course, depending upon what country you’re in, some places won’t have a licence to hold a wedding but it’s always worth researching into having your reception there if you really love it!

So, here goes! A list of 20 unique places to get married or hold your reception…

♥ 1. In an aquarium

Beautiful lighting, a calm atmosphere & lots of colourful fish surrounding you, it would be perfect for the water lovers out there!