Ooh I do love surprises! And I love planning surprises even more! For a few weeks I’ve been harbouring the secret that some of our best gal pals was heading down to my place to surprise Em with a tea party for her 30th Birthday! The plan was all set in motion, Emily would think that she was coming over for us to create and photograph our DIYs for the week (but little did she know that I had already done them muhahaha) so when she walked through my front door she was greeted with loud screams of SURPISE!!!

emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-29 emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-3

She was of course very surprised and shocked to see me, Emily from Mermaid Gossip and Sofia and Elena from The Costa Sisters all crouching on the floor hiding behind the kitchen worktop! And I’m pretty sure that she shed a little tear when she turned around and saw that epic cat cake! We had to get a cat cake made because Emily loves cats so much! Oh and if you happen to be wondering about where that cute candy wreath is from, the DIY is coming to the blog next week! Yay!

emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-6 emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-8 emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-10 emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-22 emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-17 emilys-30th-birthday-tea-party-19

The wonderful Oliver Bonas also supplied some insanely gorgeous tea party essentials like that marble cake stand, and the super pretty tea cups and saucers! We even had a matching tea pot too and let me tell ya…we drank a lot of tea! We spent the afternoon eating yummy cupcakes and sandwiches and munching on other sweet treats too!