Cute Kitty Cat Confetti Pouches With Free Downloadable PDF!

DIY Kitty Confetti Pouches DIY Main

So this is what happens when you put two cat obsessed women in a room together with some confetti. We make cute Kitty confetti pouches, of course!! This would be a totally purr-fect way to for a cat obsessed couple to incorporate cats into their wedding day and who doesn’t love confetti? I think these would also make great favour pouches, you could even put sweeties inside? Although I would recommend sewing the edges in this case just to make the pack that little bit stronger. No one wants to waste sweeties now do they 🙂

You Will Need: Our Downloadable Kitty cat confetti pouch PDF// Plain A4 paper// Scissors// Glue// Confetti//

How to make unique Kitty Cat Confetti Pouches