Now Christmas is over we are already looking forward to the New Years eve celebrations. To make sure you celebrate in style we have a tutorial that will take your party poppers to a whole new level? What’s great about this tutorial is that if you don’t get round to popping them on New Years eve, then you can keep them for your next celebration, birthdays, anniversaries and engagements. These party poppers  will soon be one of your favourite ways to pop confetti on any occasion and you don’t just have to fill them with confetti. If you wanted to use them at a wedding this would be great favors, filled with small gifts or sweets.

You Will Need:

White Card stock | Glittered Card Stock | Scissors | Double Sided Tape | Glue Gun | Gold Ribbon | Gold Crepe Paper | Confetti | Vinyl or stick on letters |


Step 1:

Using your white card stock, cut a rectangle 18 ½ cm x 13 ½ cm long

Step 2:

Using your Glittered card cut a fan shape measuring roughly 18 cm x 9 cm long


Step 3:

Cut a piece of crepe paper 18 ½ cm x 10 Cm long and tape along the bottom of the rectangular card stock.

Step 4:

Now roll your white card stock into a cylindrical shape, ensuring the crepe paper is on the inside and secure along the seam with double sided tape.

diy-confetti-rockets-wedding-tutorial-moddern-colourful-glitter_-13 diy-confetti-rockets-wedding-tutorial-moddern-colourful-glitter_-12

Step 5:

Cinch the crepe paper closed with gold ribbon.

Step 6:

Fold the fan shaped template into a cone shape and secure with a hot glue gun.



Stop-Being-So-Hard-On-Yourself-Bespoke-Bride-advice-21 (1)

We have all done it: when you friend announces their engagement and all you can think of is ‘Hen Party’! I mean why wouldn’t you?  It’s natural to want to celebrate such a special occasion with an epic girly adventure, right! I do however feel that the guys outshine us a bit when it comes planning epic nights out for the groom, which is where today’s post comes into play. We collaborated with Expedia’s Hen Hub and asked our wedding blogger pals to tell us their favourite hen party ideas and whoa do these ladies know how to celebrate!

I thought I would kick us off with my fave ideas and my girls better take note…

Emily, Co-Founder & Editor of Bespoke Bride 

Not one to be outdone by the boys, it’s not surprising that my dream hen party would take place in the US of A and no it would not be Vegas! As a lover of all things colourful I would love nothing more than to head to Palm Springs with my closest gal pals and spend an extra long weekend lazing in the pool with my flamingo float, getting a tan whilst sipping on a cocktail. I am not a huge drinker and although you could expect one or two nights to get a little cray cray, I would much rather make this a trip of lifetime.

I would stay at the Saguaro Hotel which is every colour lover’s dream and would be fab for photos (always thinking like a blogger!). As I don’t get to spend much time with all my friends together very often I would want us to all be able to relax, unwind and enjoy being together, we would head out on a few mini adventures like taking selfies with the dinosaurs that feature in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, hike up to Tahquitz Canyon and see the beautiful waterfall, enjoy a spa day at the natural hot springs and visit Salvation Mountain. We would also shop in the vintage shops, lunch at diners and have the best pyjama party ever! Yep I went there!
Mr & Mrs Unique Editor Erica

Erica, Founder + Editor of Mr & Mrs Unique

I absolutely LOVED my hen do… for me it was all about keeping it simple but with maximum style and fun! The idea of running between different bars all night or an expensive meal out never really took my fancy.
Why not hire out a cool private house with all of your nearest and dearest for a few nights. I booked a fab venue called Cliff Barns which oozed with style, comfort, and was tonnes of fun! With a hot tub, super stylish rooms, a private garden perfect for sunbathing, BBQ, a dressing up cupboard, tipi and a huge DVD collection, it fulfilled all of our wishes!

Although the initial outlay was higher, we were able to keep the rest of the costs to a minimum (£10 each) by ordering a supermarket delivery packed with bubbles and treats for when we arrived. We also booked some super-amazing in house beauty treatments and a cheeky curry on our last night; it was a weekend to remember. We didn’t leave the house at all, but had so much fun! If only walls could talk!!!

BLOVED Blog Editor Louise Beukes

Louise, Founder + Editor of B.LOVED Blog

 A hen party is really just an excuse to get all your best girlfriends together, right? So for me the ideal hen do would be a luxurious weekend away, filled with pampering, chocolate and bubbles!

The Cotswolds seems like the perfect place – there’s a variety of boutique hotels and spa’s for a range of budgets that offer a little something extra.  For a little extra space for all your gals, and to experience a little pre-wedding luxe, book a suite!  My top picks are Barnsley House, for that cosy Cotswolds vibe – the outdoor hydro pool wins every time – and Calcot Manor for Cotswolds chic, with its hot tub and perfect-for-relaxing-by pool.

Spend your days relaxing and being pampered in the spa before dressing up and enjoying cocktails in the bar followed by a delicious meal.  If you’re still up for a party, create a chill-out zone in your suite complete with movies, popcorn and fizz!  Don’t forget the chocolate!



the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her (8)We are well and truly getting into the spirit of Christmas around here although I am a bit late to the party when it comes to putting up our Christmas decs. This year will the first time we have stockings in our house, something I haven’t had since I was kid. I am going to go totally traditional and hang ours above the fireplace but what can you do with yours if you don’t have a mantle? We invited Marina from The Roc Shop to share her advice on styling your Christmas stocking.

“Stockings serve as holiday decor hanging on the mantle for an entire month patiently waiting to be filled on Christmas Eve. Why not make them as beautiful as possible and hype up the anticipation of presents to come? Whether your style is classic, modern or even your well-loved childhood stocking that’s been used since you were a babe, we’ve got ideas to style and fill them all this year! the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her (1) the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her (2) the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her (3) the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her (9) the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her (10) the roc shop holiday inspiration. how to hang a stocking when you dont have a fireplace + fun stocking fillers for him & her.




You guys I am so excited to announce that we have Chelsea from Bright Bold Design with us here today sharing this awesome DIY cake topper! We’ve been big fans of Chelsea’s tutorials for a while now and we know you guys will love love love to make a fun topper like this too, the best news is it costs less than $5 (£3.50!)What a bargain! Let’s get started shall we?


Embroidery Thread // Scissors // Celebrate wood cut out (pick one up at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 or in craft stores like Hobby Craft) // Skewers //


Remove the tags from the embroidery thread, you can pick up embroidery thread at any craft or sewing store. You’ll notice that the two ends of the tread are looped, keep the ends looped.


Take the end of the tread and remove 12″, this will give you 12″ of thread to wrap around the top of the loop. Tie a not near one of the looped ends and begin wrapping the loop around the top. Tie a knot at the end of the wrapped thread



Now lay your embroidery thread flat trim the looped + wrapped end to your desired length.