Standing Out in A Crowd…

Emily Pettiford Bespoke Bride

Photography by Dakeney Fox Photography

This post has been somewhat inspired by a feature I read on the wonderful Fishee Designs blog last week. Emily spoke of how she had dealt with narrow minded opinions on how she had dressed (which in my opinion is fantastic) and how she had felt that she had to tone down her fashion expression in an office environment (Office clothes are so darn uncomfy!) purely because she felt like she wouldn’t be viewed as a professional. This got me thinking about my own experience of finding who I was and how I was viewed in a crowd.

Being young and trying to find your place in society is never easy for anyone. As humans it is only natural for us to steer towards people that are similar to us –  it is an evolution thing called social grouping but please don’t ask me to explain that here? A prime example of this is the social groups that we form at school for example we had those that were popular or sporty, others were defined by their fashion and music taste such as gothic or grebo, those that were intelligent or showed an deepened interest in education were nerds and sadly those that didn’t tend to fit in any of these were the skanks! Even now these classifications make me incandescent with rage!

So where do you think I fitted in with these groups?