Upcycled Angel Wing Charm Necklace


Good Morning guys & gals. I have another super quick DIY for you today, all it needs are a couple of materials, all of which are easy and cheap to get hold of on sites like Ebay and Etsy. I am all for upcycling its, fun, eco-friendly and as equally purse friendly so when I get bored of certain items,whether it be clothes, house decor or garden accessories the first thing I always do is check out pinterest for ways to restore and reuse. Today I have an old tatty necklace that I want to transform into something a bit more jazzy and modern so here we go…

You Will Need – An old necklace chain// 1 x Angel Wing charm// 1 x Chinese Turquoise 16x9mm Top-Drilled Teardrop Bead// 1 x 5mm Open Jump Ring// Chain Nose Pliers//