Printable DIY Wedding Planner Organiser fun

Planning a wedding can be hard and while there are plenty of wedding planner notebooks out there what we’ve never seen is a planner specifically designed for managing your DIY projects! It must be pretty dam hard to keep track of each of the projects, how many you need to make, what materials you need, whether you have enough materials, how long it’s going to take to get each project done and whether or not you need to delegate some tasks to the wedding party.

Wouldn’t it just be SO MUCH EASIER if you could store all of that information and keep track of it in one place? And wouldn’t it be even better if all of those pages were super fun, pretty and colourful?! We thought so! So we decided to design an awesome printable DIY wedding planner and organiser that you can download right here and print at home to fill out! This means you can print out as many or as little pages as you need, maybe you’ve got tons of ideas so you need plenty of idea pages or perhaps you’re a crazy to do list addict like me and want a new one each week?! Print to your hearts desire!

Printable DIY Wedding Planner Organiser

The download features 30 different pages! These include:

  • A To Do List (in two designs)
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Monthly calendar
  • Project information pages (where you can list the materials you need, where you sourced them from, how many DIYs you’re making, budget, etc all in one place)
  • A Delegated tasks page (who’s helping you make the DIYs and how many of each they’re making)
  • A DIY total projects list
  • Progress page (Where you can keep track of if the materials have arrived, your estimated time on the project, whether you’ve started, if it’s done)
  • A bunch of inspirational quote pages that you can scatter throughout the planner!
  • Ideas pages, where you can jot down all of those fun thoughts of yours!
  • A bonus sticker page!!

Printable DIY planner Button

Printable DIY Wedding Planner Organiser Productive Pages

The progress page has a great easy table to keep track of how you’re getting on with each of the DIY projects for your wedding, you can fill in whether you’ve researched the project enough to know what you need, whether you’ve ordered the materials and if they’ve arrived plus if you’re ready to start the DIY, whether it’s in progress or whether you’ve completed it! Woohoo! There’s also handy project info pages so you can list everything about a DIY in one place!


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