Wedding Costs and How to Reduce Them?

We recently featured a post by Guides for Brides that suggested that the festive season was the most popular time for couples to become engaged. So, we are guessing that there are currently  lots of newly engaged lovelies out there all beginning their search for the perfect wedding and finding out that it is going to cost a fair whack!

We have been doing some of our own research over the last couple of weeks to find out just how much a wedding costs and what items and services are going to cost you the most. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of budgeting when it comes to planning your wedding. We could think of nothing worse than planning the day of your dreams to then find you cannot afford it or someone is going to get into some serious debt – not the way anyone wants to begin married life.

It has been estimated that the average wedding will cost around £20,000 however, this number decreased last year when the average was just over £16,000. Could this mean that already brides and groom are becoming spend savvy when it comes to their wedding day? We took a look at each separate area of a wedding, looked at the average cost & thought up many many ways of how you could reduce the price!