Raise A Glass By This Glitzy ‘Chin Chin’ Garland Tonight!

New Years Eve Chin Chin Banner Gold Black Glitzy Garland DIY-4

CHEERS!! It’s New years eve people and if you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY to spritz up any party then todays DIY is for you! When we originally had this idea we wanted it to say ‘cheers’ but we’ve seen quite  a lot of those garlands around lately so we thought we’d switch it up a bit and since chin chin means cheers in Italian and some people tend to say it anyway we rolled with it! Here’s a fun fact for you though, chin chin means Penis in Japanese. Sooooo you may not want to hang this on your wall if you’re reading this in Japan! To create this simple glitzy Chin Chin banner all you’ll need is:

Black Card // This Template // Craft Gold Stars // Gold Tinsel // White Thread // Loom Bands (preferably orange, yellow or clear) // Glue or Sellotape //

New Years Eve Chin Chin Banner Gold Black Glitzy Garland DIY

STEP 1: Using your template size the letters to whatever size you like and print off, twice. Next cut out the letters and place them onto your black card. Draw around them and then cut out all of the letters! (Alternatively, if you have a Cricut then you can upload the template to the design space and let it do the cutting for you!)