Oh chocolate, let us count the ways we love thee! We’ve been wanting to introduce some more recipe posts around here for a while now and today is the first of them! We’re going to be sharing a bunch of vegan recipes that are perfect for parties, so whether you’re throwing a bridal shower and…


Food DIY: How To Make A Chocolate Birthday Cake

DIY Chocolate Birthday CakeThis is literally the best chocolate cake you will ever eat. HANDS DOWN!! It just so happens to be a family tradition of ours to always have ‘Nan’s chocolate cake’ for any of our Birthdays and since IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY (woop woop!!) I thought there was no better food DIY that I could share with you! I hope you feel special because I’m about to reveal the secret recipe…

BirthdayCake You Will Need

You will need:

 2 x 8 Inch cake tin               4 Eggs                     8oz Margarine               3 Tbsp Coco Powder    8oz Self Raising Flower

 8oz Caster Sugar                    2 Flakes                 1/2 tspn Baking Powder       Chocolate Buttons      8oz Icing Sugar

Baking Paper                           250g Butter

Got all that? Right, let’s get to it! (P.S this recipe is worth it just to lick the bowl….seriously)


Step 1: Preheat the oven 180


Step 2: Grease tins with butter and insert baking powder the appropriate size


Step 3: Add caster sugar and margarine into a mixing bowl