Off The Record: It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas…

Wowzer, what a week it’s been! I feel like Christmas is really getting into full swing around here; We’ve been visiting Christmas markets, baking gingerbread houses and putting up the decs this week! And since Christmas is coming there’s an amazing amount of awesome competitions around so I’ve shared my favourites in a special giveaway section for you guys to enter and hopefully win some extra goodies before santa delivers your own! Enjoy!

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Making this years gingerbread house! It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that me and James bake our own gingerbread house from scratch and I think this years definitely came out better than last years! Thank god we’re improving, it’s not that easy making a gingerbread house dontcha know! 

Visiting Megan with Emily and Emily to have afternoon tea and see the Bath Christmas markets! Megan was absolutely amazing and put on a whole afternoon tea for us with all home baked goodies! We had brownies, christmas tree cookies and of course, mince pies!! It was absolutely delicious. 

♥ Photographing my best friends Maternity shoot, it’s so lovely to see her absolutely glowing and it was such a pleasure to get to capture those moments! She’s due to pop in around 4 weeks and I’m so exited!!! She’s also just started her own baby blog where she’s going to be sharing the photos, some cute DIYs and her experiences of being a mum for the first time so if you’re in the same position Bump To Bambino may be something you’ll enjoy!

Having a delicious Italian meal with Liz & Adam and meeting their new kitten Naomi Campbell! She’s such a sweetie! 

Putting up the Christmas decs finally! If it was up to me they would have been up on December 1st but better late than never! It was so fun having Mushu around while they were going up too, this is his first Christmas so it’s all a bit strange for him! 

Watching Horrible Bosses 2 at the cinema, my god I laughed my ass off all the way through! It’s absolutely hilarious, go and see it!! 


♥ It was my birthday on Saturday and I was one very spoilt girly! I spent the morning being treated to a special cooked breakfast by Mr T (who had wrapped up my favourite tin of veggie sausages & beans in birthday paper as a surprise!), the afternoon was spent playing bingo with my nan (showing my age there!) and that evening I was treated to a Salmon supper and a glass of vino at a lovely restaurant just up the road. 

Sunday officially marked the start of christmas at our house as we made our annual trip to the local christmas market to pick up our christmas tree. I couldn’t wait to get home and decorate it!! It felt just a little more special this year as it will officially be our first christmas on our own together. 

Kopparberg spiced apple! Honestly this is the most delicious mulled decided I have ever tasted in my life. If you are a cider lover you have to try it!!

 High Tea at Megan’s (Briar Rose) house  in Bath with Emily (Mermaid Gossip) and Jess! I love these girls so much, we always have so much fun together. It was so such a treat, Megan had baked the most delicious gingerbread cookies, mince pies and brownies all washed down with a mug of Christmas tea and pomegranate bucks fizz!

♥ Visiting Bath Christmas markets with the girls, I was astounded by the number of stalls! I loved trying all the different food and drink on offer, including chocolate wine, smoked cheese and real hot chocolate! 

♥ Lazy days off! I very rarely spend days doing nothing. I find it very hard to switch off but I am trying to make it my mission to spend more days like these from now on. Yesterday was the first day I think I can say I really truly managed to switch off from work mode for an entire day and you know what I loved it, although I still felt ever so slightly guilty.



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