10 Ways A Dog Wedding Would Be PAWesome…

Am I barking mad (oh me) to think a puppy themed wedding could be possible?! If you know me personally then you will know that it is no secret that I am dog crazy and after Jess’s post last week on 10 Cat Wedding Must Haves I thought it would only be fair that we equalise the cat and dog world here on Bespoke Bride! I’ve had so much fun finding features for this post and a part of me began to consider this theme myself! Especially for Mushu’s first birthday party! Now let’s get you dog lovers tails wagging with our 10 ways a dog wedding would be PAWsome…

1: First things first we need to get your pooch looking proper! This easy tutorial from Alma Camponesa shows you how!

2: I am sooo in love with this Ted Baker bag! Such a classy accessory for the bride or bridesmaids.. I may have to purchase one myself!

3: How awesome is this pet themed clock DIY from A Beautiful Mess?! It would be an amazing piece of decor at your wedding!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Tick Tock…It’s Wedding O’ Clock

Some brides who have been with their partners for a while feel “It’s about time” they were getting married to the love of their lives and this got us thinking…wouldn’t it be cool to incorporate time and clocks into your theme?

Bride clock

I got to work searching high and low for inspiration and what I found were some beautiful weddings and of course tons of awesome clocks…