Off The Record: Clothes Show, Christmas Wrapping & Cooking!

Clothes Show Live

Man! The Clothes Show did not fail to blow me away this week! It was AMAZING! Not only was the fashion show the best yet but the stalls were outstanding, I wanted to buy pretty much everything, needless to say I did find some absolute bargains!! £10 pairs of shoes (beautiful shoes might I add), chunky earrings and a lovely flowing pleated maxi skirt which I have dubbed my Christmas day skirt. I was also massively inspired to add more tartan, glitter and feathers to my wardrobe! (Not all at once though. That would be cray)

So as some of you may know I’m currently holding down the fort while Em is enjoying a well deserved break in Sweden! She jetted off on Thursday to visit her best friend over there and visit lots of Christmas markets and get into the holiday spirit! So, let’s’ talk Christmas! Are you ready? Have your bought/made all of your pressies? We’re aloud to talk about it now because Em has had her Birthday and she demands it not be mentioned until after the 6th of December! I’ve got most of mine but just need to grab a few more bits and bobs in Cardiff on Monday then I’m done….and the Christmas wrapping will commence! I can’t quite decide what to go with this year, last year I had massive graphic print wrapping paper and huge, luxurious green ribbon wrapped every single present! If you can’t quite decide yet then Design Love Fest had a Christmas wrapping party (seriously…I need to go to one of these parties!!!) There is some FANTASTIC inspiration in this post, I love the black and white photos instead of name tags and endless amounts of washi tape!! Ok…I’m getting over excited about wrapping paper…enough Jess….enough….

Bespoke Bride Instagram December 15

Here’s what else we’ve been loving this week….

Jess Loves…

Watching Harry Potter on a Saturday. ITV are showing them all every week and I love them just as much as when I watched them for the first time!!

Cooking my home made sweet and sour prawns, I found the recipe for sweet and sour chicken in the Hairy Bikers cook book but switched it up for prawns and it is delicious! It’s also really really low in calories but it feels like your eating a naughty Chinese takeaway! WIN!

Christmas chocolates slowly creeping their way into the house…hello Celebrations and Quality Street…I’ve missed you.

Drunk dancing/rapping to Eminem & Dr Dre with Georgina & Cass at Georgie’s Birthday party! #willtherealslimshadypleasestandup