Off the Record: Cinema’s, Cenotes & Coco Bongos! + Win the Ultimate Kitchen Package Sponsored by Cuisinart

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Hello my chickadees! Is it me or has the temperature plummeted this week. I have been working in the office with blankets and scarves but I have to admit it’s kinda got me in the mood for autumn? I am the worlds most miserable person in the winter but I love the notion of it. I love the thought of being all cosy in my winter knits, brisk cold walks in crispy leaves and snuggling on the sofa watching christmas films. Oh gosh I am wishing our summer away already aren’t I? Right thats enough of that, here is what we have been loving this week and don’t forget to check our fab competition at the end!


♥ So I am continuing my love affair with smoothies and this week I made rhubarb and strawberry which was delicious! I had never tried rhubarb before so it was a nice surprise and I really enjoyed it!

You can probably tell from our Instagram that I have jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon these last couple of weeks. I do not like dieting or exercise, there I said it! But I have really noticed a slump in my energy and confidence these last few months so it has spurred me to kick my butt into shape and start looking after myself, starting with what I put in my mouth.

♥ Going for long walks with the dog. I put my headphones in and played all my favourite tunes whilst walking through the wood. I know its not always the safest thing to do but I enjoyed it and it helped clear my mind 🙂

Mermaid Gossip!!! I am so in love with Emily’s (aka Fishee Designs) new blog! The name, the branding, the posts are so spot on, even more so if you know Emily and I am just so proud of her for creating this masterpiece!

♥ Chatting with my Bestie Vicki who is currently heading from Madagascar to Kenya where she been working on various conservation projects. She was telling me all her stories of love, life and laughter and I just felt pure happiness for her. It is always amazingly inspiring to chat with someone who is so in love with their life and their job! 


Exploring Isla Mujeres by golf buggy! Isla Mujeres is a small island right by Cancun and is seriously one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. There are so many colourful buildings and it really is very Mexican, much less commercialised than some of the other places here.

Visiting Tulum to see the ruins and in eating in Postada Margherita. If you are ever in Tulum I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant! It has a gorgeous Italian place right on the beach and the food is delicious!

Partying at Coco Bongos! You really can’t go to Cancun without going there, it is crazy fun and the show is brilliant, loved it!

Having a go at bodyboarding! Lol! I know its nothing amazing and surfing would be way coolers but we have found a body board whilst we have been here and I love getting on it and going in the sea.

Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the cinema. We went to VIP movies here and I so wish they existed in England! You can order a whole meal at the cinema from the restaurant and they bring it to you in the screen room. You sit on reclining sofas, with a little table too, its fab!

Quad Biking through the jungle! I love being on a quad bike, especially when the trail leads to Cenotes that we can swim in!