Strawberry Milk Ice Pops

Image via Sprinkle Bakes

You might be reading this, thinking what is she thinking? DIY’ing your own ice pops at a summer wedding? Surely they will melt? Well it’s actually not that crazy! The great thing with ice pops is that they can be made way in advance and stored in a freezer and they can be served easier than your think? Some sort of refrigeration will almost definitely be needed but you could have friends and family help with serving them up at your wedding, taking them straight from the freezer and placing in metal buckets topped with layers of ice, or just get your guests to help themselves straight from the cart.

With summer being the most popular season for weddings and the weather topping 30 degrees in the UK this week, we thought these recipes would be perfect for keeping you and your wedding guests cool this summer

1. Strawberry Milk Ice Pops: Quick to make, dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles, these strawberry milk flavored ice pops are deliciously creamy and will be sure to make your guests feel a little nostalgic.

Boozy flavoured Ice pop recipe for summer wedding

Image via Sugar & Cloth

2. Boozy Coconut Fla-vor-Ice Freeze Pops: Your guests will overjoyed when you present them with this boozy version of their favourite childhood summer treat!

Image by Brittni Mehlhoff via Paper n Stitch

3. End of Summer Grapefruit Popsicle Recipe: The pretty pink and orangey colour scheme is perfect for a wedding and would make the refreshing treat for your guests on a hot summers day.


Image via Sarah Hearts

4. Mint Julep Popsicles: A unique twist on the traditional mint julep cocktail, these boozy popsicles are made with Kentucky bourbon, simple syrup and mint, a flavor that is pretty much synonymous with special events and big fancy hats.

Image by Garlic my Soul via Studio DIY 

5. Funfetti Creamsicles: Anything that involves sprinkles is our fave and these funfetti popsicles are no exception. Fruity and creamy at the same time, we know this recipe would be a huge hit with your guests.

Rhubarb & Elderflower homemade-ice-lollies

Image via Kate’s Creative Space

6. Rhubarb & Elderflower Ice Lollies: Made by simply pouring your favourite natural juices into a mould and freezing with a dash of food coloring for vibrant colour. Quick and simple to make, your guests wont believe their taste-buds.

Image via Foodess

7. Cherry Merlot Popsicles: Did somebody say winesicle? Made with a smooth red wine and fresh pitted cherry’s this is every adults dream ice pop. You’ll be hooked!


Image via Bespoke Bride (See the Full Tutorial here)

8. Strawberry Shortbread Popsicles: These ice pops are so darn good you will be reaching for another in no time.

Image via The Kitchen Mccabe

9. Banana Split Pudding Pops: A banana split on a Popsicle stick? HELL YEAH!


Image via Wit & Vinegar

10. Caramelized Honey & Sea Salt Gelato Pops: Caramelized honey is quite literally the bee’s knees! Sorry I couldn’t resist making good a pun, about as much as I couldn’t resist this ice pops!

Image by Sonja Lekovic via A Subtle Revelry

11. Multi-Color Popsicles: These multi-colored popsicles scream summer!


Beauty DIY: How To Make A Coconut & Vanilla Body Scrub!

DIY Coconut Vanilla body scrub

It’s that time of year again where our skin can become quite dry and often peel if we’re not looking after it enough! I read that the best way to give your skin a perfect summer tan is to have a good exfoliate in the shower before you begin tanning to remove any dead skin you have. The only problem is sometimes body scrubs can be pretty pricey right?!  So instead I made this one with things I had lying around the house!

If you’re faking your tan instead of the real deal and it’s gone a little patchy then this is also fab to remove those bad bits!

Let’s get started shall we?