Colourful Wall Murals Wedding Day Couples Portraits

It’s no secret that me and Emily love a good wall mural! We had an absolute ball hunting them down in Shoreditch and I think it’s fair to say we can’t pass a colourful building without forcing one of our other halves to take photos of us in front of it! Luckily for us, we’re not alone in this obsession and have featured our fair share of awesome couples who took amazing couple portraits in front of painted walls! Here’s our favourites…


1.This couple went a colourful wall crawl for their engagement shoot and ended up finding a ball pit! Ritika and Raj are a silly, sweet, fun, thoughtful couple. Their love story started at George Washington University in Washington, DC (Go Colonials!). As college sweethearts they have watched one another grow and seen the ups and downs of the transition from college days to adult life, which for these two go-getters includes a full-time job as an analyst and medical school. Since Ritika and Raj’s love story unfolded in DC, it was only natural that their engagement session take place there as well”, photographer Amy Gray told us. SEE THE FULL E-SHOOT HERE!


2. I am sure pink obsessives all over will agree, that this quite possibly is the most epic pink wedding in the history of all pink weddings! The grooms shirt to the bride’s shoes and everything in between was pink! “After the ceremony and downtown photo tour we left to go enjoy more photos at the Linq on the Las Vegas Strip. We made a pit stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes to enjoy a sweet purchase from the Cupcake ATM. All the pretty colors of the backdrop wall at Sprinkles made for an excellent photo spread!” SEE THE FULL ELOPEMENT HERE! 


3. This retro-vintage styled bridal shoot took place at the Lionsgate Event Center just outside of the Denver area in Colorado and it could not have been more perfect. From its pop art murals to the perma-parked old yellow truck, it had it all! Lush grounds with blossoms on the trees were perfect for the “spring-y” feel Ashley and the rest of the team had wanted the shoot to emit! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOOT! 


4. Kymberlie & Kristen put all their crafting skills to work, to create a beautiful modern vintage wedding. The event was held in the unique gardens of Mymoon in Brooklyn. “This couple have the sweetest engagement story ever! Began photographer, Natalie. “They went on holiday to Italy and at one picturesque moment, Kristen pulled out a ring and ask Kym to marry her. A stunned Kym smiled, pulled out a ring and asked Kristen to marry her! Great minds absolutely think alike and these two are the perfect peas in a pod.” Plus how cool is that hand painted wall?! CHECK OUT THEIR WEDDING HERE!