The Online Wedding Show Presents Mr Magoriums Wedding Emporium

Mr Magoriums Wedding Emporium - The Online Wedding Show Campaign
If you have been a regular reader of Bespoke Bride you will have heard some time back that we had decided to embark on this biggest business venture of our lives and launch a very unique concept called The Online Wedding Show. Fast forward almost 2 years and we are excited to announce that our dream is finally set to become a reality. No one could have predicted the sheer size of this project and there has been more than one occasion where we have wondered whether our dream would ever become a reality, but the idea is now full steam ahead and we couldn’t be more excited!

We wanted to launch the site with a bang so we teamed with some of the very best in the industry to produce a campaign that was vibrant, stylish and lots of fun and I hope you will agree that they have done the most amazing job!