Inside the Mind of the Man Behind ‘Rock my Wedding’

What do you do when your boyfriend’s sister starts dating the main man from one of the biggest wedding blogs in the UK? (Well first…you claim your boyfriend is a liar and declare that couldn’t possibly be true) Next, once you realise it actually is the truth, you meet the guy, see if he’s cool (he scraped through that one) AND THEN you set up an interview of course! It’s not everyday these sort of opportunities (or people!) land on your doorstep and here at Bespoke Bride we were eager to find out about the story of Rock My Wedding

P.S In case you don’t know too much about Adam, you can find out about him & the rest of the Rock My Wedding team here 

♥ How did you first get into Rock My Wedding?

I was there right from the very start – I designed all the branding, built the website, developed all the techie technical things like our dress selling facility and our Wedding supplier directory The Love Lust List… and then I decided to stick around. I must admit I wasn’t sure to start with if wedding blogging was for me… but here I am over two years later living the polka dotted dream