I have to admit I have a little bit of an obsession with tassels at the minute. I want to put them on everything and I even made a few cat toys with them the other day. Too much? Nada! – Sparked by my tassel craze and this absolutely stunning Mexican inspired material provided by Zazzle, I made my own table runner. I love how it fits so perfectly with this months fiesta theme and I am so excited to get my hands on more Zazzle fabrics soon, their custom collection is the bomb! I have soooo many favourites but right now but my current faves are this Girly Kitten print, these pink flamingoes and this colour block fabric! Seriously guys have a mooch around over there, it is a haven for wedding supplies as well as craft.

Check out these simple steps to making your own tassel inspired table runner and before you know it, you will be adding colourful tassels to just about anything 🙂

You will need – Wool// A sturdy piece of cardboard (cut to the size you would like your tassels – remember, the larger the surface area the larger the tassel)// Scissors// A Table Runner (we made our own)//
To Make Your Tassels!

Step 1: Continuously wrap your wool around your cardboard, until you have a thick bundle and cut off at the last strand. Remember the thicker the bundle the fuller your tassel will be.


What better way to add a bit of colour to your wedding than with a bold and colourful backdrop! If you think you’re not the DIY type then I think I might be about to tempt you into this one because it took about an hour to make, was so easy and cost the a grand total of £20. Not bad huh! We wanted to create a watercolour effect, but using watercolours on such a large area would have taken days! We know our brides need to be time savvy so we used simple old poster paint, which I think looked just as good and meant we could make it a little rough around the edges creating a cool & edgy effect.

You will need:

– Poster Paint

-Large Paint Brushes

– 3ft x 6ft white paper


I have been dying to create a unique backdrop for so long now! I was kind of fed up with the usual paper flowers, poms and garlands and decided it was about time we stepped it up a notch. So to round off our month of hearts we thought we would put our own colourful spin on a unique backdrop by creating this pretty epic 3D geometric heart display! All you will need to create your own  is…

Coloured Paper// This Template & this Template// Large Piece of Foam Board// Scissors// Glue// Ruler//

Step 1: Download the templates and print onto a choice of different coloured papers. We printed around 100 triangles in total but you may need a few more or less, dependant on the size of your foam board.

Step 2: Score along the dotted lines and fold.

Jack Bunneys Suits…Started in the 50s…Still Rocking The Family Ethos Now!

What’s that you say? You’re looking for a unique and beautiful suit for your wedding? Well look no further my friend because I have the answer to all of your prayers! Meet Jack Bunneys. A family orientated business full of TO DIE FOR suits. But don’t just take my word for it, you can see for yourselves… We also caught up with Marc from Jack Bunneys to answer some of our burning questions about the biz!

Tell us about Jack Bunneys, how did it all begin and when?
Jack Bunneys has been a bespoke tailors since the 50’s, founded by Jack himself in 1958. Jack Bunneys was a well-known local larger-than-life personality and his shop was somewhat of a local landmark. In the early 80’s Jack retired. At that time he had no family to take over the business so two of the guys working at Jack Bunneys at the time got together and purchased the shop from him. They were Terry (my dad, who’s now retired) and Peter, who is still here. (along with his son Rob)
What are the aims of Jack Bunneys?
A few years ago (when my dad retired) we were at a crossroads with the business. We were either going to change our business model or move on without Jack Bunneys. We decided to have one last crack of the whip, but this time, we would commit all of energies to weddings. We had a very simple but big idea, we wanted to change the world of men’s formal hire forever. We wanted to change all the rules. We wrote a list of the things we thought were wrong with the hire industry and then set about thinking of ways we could change them. It was a liberating exercise, to do what ‘we’ wanted rather than what we thought the industry demanded. Fortunately for us this gamble paid off. There were enough people who agreed with us, that there was an alternative way. I am pretty sure we have now achieved the goal we set ourselves and have now changed the men’s formal hire industry forever but now there is a new challenge, to see how far we can push ourselves. Can we make innovate new products, create new services, and continue to be successful whilst all the while holding on to our small family business ethos, which made us successful in the first place? It is a challenge but one we are happy to meet together, as a family.