Beauty DIY: How To Get Healthy & Natural Looking Nails

Good morning you lovely lot! We’ve got a real treat for you today because we’ve joined forces with Georgina from GG Bridal Beauty to show you have you can keep your natural nails in good shape this winter and even in the run up to your wedding! Over to Georgina…

Beauty DIY Natural Healthy Nails How To

Natural nails can become out of shape and the cuticles will become over grown and dry easily. This time of year it is best for you to begin some home maintenance to keep them in top form, to stop any hang nail developing and generally to ensure you have good looking nails! Here’s how…

Nails Step 1

Step 1: Shape your nails using a fine emery board. File one way then the other, no see sawing allowed! Ensure you keep your nails at the same length and if there are some longer nails, shorten them all to match. They will grow faster than you think!