Bespoke Bride Instagram 13th Feb

Happy Friday guys and welcome to the lurrrrvvveeee edition of Off The Record! Yep, if you’re already sick of the valentines themed posts circling the web then too bad my friend because V-day is just one day away and we couldn’t possible let that one just ride on by! Here you’ll find a whole lot of pretty shoots and weddings, some words of wisdom when it comes to love and of course some fabulous last minute DIY presents that there’s still time to make! Me and Em will also be sharing what we’ve been getting up this week, let’s dive in shall we?


Receiving lovely things in the post! This week we had a surprise from Etsy, they were sending their favourite bloggers little presents and we had the most beautiful scented candle sent us! Crown & Glory also sent through some heart shaped love clips and Self Packaging send over a giant heart filled with pretty valentines tags and confetti! We have been well and truly spoilt this valentines!

Taking Mushu for a walk and noticing all the colourful things in the village, it’s funny how you miss things when you’re not actually looking isn’t it? On my walk I found several awesome colourful doors & even a pink house! 

Cleaning out the attic and finding lots of childhood treasures! My favourite was the 1970s Disney storybooks, the Sleeping Beauty one was so beautiful! 

Using my new Think Pink bath bomb from Lush! This was was truly ‘The Bomb!’ teehee. No seriously though, my bath was bright pink and to top it all off there lots of cute little confetti hearts all sitting at the bottom of my bath, it was heaven! 

Getting up to date with The Walking Dead, I have officially caught up and now have to wait every single week just to see the next episode! It’s going to kill me, I’m so used to just watching the next one right away because I can’t stand the suspense! 

♥ Going out in Chepstow for Meg’s leaving party, as sad as I was to see Meg leave for her trip to Australia it was awesome to have one last night out and maybe drink one too many mojitos! 


Warm sunny days in the garden. Yes you did hear me right, I did say warm and sunny which I agree is terribly unusual for this time of year. Sunday was absolutely beautiful and I made full use of it prepping my compost heap and clearing the veg and herb patches. It really is my favourite place to be right now!

♥ Spending the evening with SETsquared at their beer and pizza evening. This was the first time we have ever really been to anything like this so we were feeling a little intimidated being surrounded by so many successful entrepreneurs but we really needn’t of worried. Everyone was so warm and friendly and wanted to chat about the blog and our future business plans and it really was very interesting to meet so many inspiring people.

Meeting with our business mentor and talking through future business plans. It was so refreshing to see someone else as equally excited about our business idea and it has left me with a renewed sense of achievement and motivation. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing what 2015 has to bring for us! 

Getting back to the gym and aching like a B***h!!!!

Is it me or is February just a terrible time of the year to find something decent to wear? I have been having a real hate hate attitude towards my closet lately but after reading this post I have decided to try to be content with my closet using the same method and so far I would say it is working!

♥ The social media site that earns your Karma points! We are super proud of our fellow WebStarters and were excited to see the launch of their new website on Friday! Honestly guys check it out, it is such a cool idea!



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