DIY temporary tattoo station with Doris Love Mexican Styling-1

Temporary tattoo’s are becoming ever more popular at weddings and hen parties and we’re HUGE fans of them over at Bespoke Bride!! If you love the idea of a tattoo station all decorated up awesome for your guests to have fun at then today’s post is for you because we’ve got Amanda from Doris Loves here teaching us how we can style a tattoo station in a Mexican theme (AKA one of our absolute faves!!). I mean seriously how cool does this look?! First off you’ll need your tattoo station in a box which you can find over in our newly launched BB boutique, then away we go!

DIY temporary tattoo station with Doris Love Mexican Styling-2

“To create your very own Mexican inspired Temporary Tattoo Station a great place to always start is a Mexican rug/blanket called a ‘serape’ (yeap just looked that up!). The colours just scream Mexico and FUN. For ours I am SO lucky to have an American friend from Tuson, Arizona, who had the real thing! But head straight over to Etsy to find the perfect serape of your own! We set this down as a base, to cover our table. We wanted to add some rustic charm to so we used some old archiving trays that we had left over from our own wedding, we picked these up at a local car boot, but some rustic apple crates would work just as well. We popped these right on top of our serape.

DIY temporary tattoo station with Doris Love Mexican Styling-5

Now I don’t know about you but when I think Mexico I think of spikey plants, so off I went to the local garden centre and grabbed my first cactus’ and succulents, if you haven’t succumb to this trend yet be warned once you start you just can’t stop and I haven’t managed to kill one yet!


DIY Mexican Fiesta Mirror with Paper Flowers!

As some of you may know I recently came back from a trip to Mexico and i’ve been feeling so inspired ever since! So we decided this week we wanted to create some perfect decor for a Mexican fiesta wedding and what better way than with bold, beautiful, crepe paper flowers?! The lovely people at…


Top Wedding Trends 2014: We Ask the GlosWed Experts

Can you believe that we are already one week into December?  Before we know it, the new year will be upon us with lots of new fashion trends to try. I don’t know about you but for me this is one of the best bits about the a new year, new trends, new fashions, some replayed and renewed.  Now you know us and we would never tell you to follow trends but we would certainly look to them for inspiration. Putting your own unique spin on a trend is what makes it you, it’s what makes it doable, wearable and personal.

So as we get ever closer to the new year we have asked a number of stylists  from a recent GlosWed tweetup their opinion on the trends and fashions to look out for in wedding style next year, as well as giving us a little peak into what will be inspiring them in 2014 with their very own styled tables.

Over to the stylists…

House of Bunting style predictions 2014

Photography by  PhotoGlow

“‘Life is Sweet’ The table came into life after Ruth was asked to style a table for a photo shoot with Fishee Designs for The Weird and Wonderful Wedding show next April and House of Bunting came along and styled the backdrops.  The theme was Willy Wonka and a lot of the items used were used for the shoot, however we developed the theme further with our amazing candyfloss tree and  by adding our own ribbon backdrop behind the table that works brilliantly for top tables! The whole thing was about creating something fun, extraordinary, colourful and completely different!”

Ruth Hunter, House of Bunting