A Rustic Winter Wedding – Travis & Lynsey

A Rustic Winter Wedding Featured Image

I do believe that today’s real wedding will be the first winter wedding we have featured on our blog for 2014. How did we ever get to March without seeing a single speck of snow?

If I were to be completely honest winter is my least favourite time of year but I cannot deny that when it comes to weddings, it is a beautiful season to get married. Photographer Shanna Duffy Williams did a fantastic job of capturing some stunning photos of the bride in the low winter sunlight.

Lynsey told us that one of her favourite aspects of her wedding was her bouquet and it is clear to see why, a mixture of apricots, pale pinks and dusky purples the colours are perfect for a rustic winter wedding. These colours are a common feature throughout the wedding even the bridesmaids Rosewood dresses – which look amazing on Lynsey’s bridesmaids, fit exceptionally well with the rest of the theme. Here is Lynsey to tell us more…

A Rustic Winter Wedding 1