Off The Record: Missing Cats, Movie Night & Motherly Love

Happy Sunday everyone!!! How are you all feeling after that much needed extra hour of sleep this morning??

Mr T has been very good to me this weekend taking me out to the cinema and buying me lunch, I have desperately needed to get out of the house this week as I am afraid we have not had the best news, as my sweet little kitty Chi Chi has gone missing. We have been searching high and low, putting up posters and handing out flyers but as of yet we have not heard anything. It is as though she has disappeared off the face of the earth? I understand that there are probably some people out there that would not understand how I could be so distressed over a cat, but I treat all three of mine like babies. They are there the first to hear all my good news and are always there for a cuddle when I need a little comfort. I can only hope that Chi Chi was in desperate need of a holiday and has popped off for a little vacation for the week, anyway I will be sure to keep you all updated on our search. Fingers crosses…

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Emily Loves:

♥  Mr T treated me to lunch at my favourite restaurant this weekend ‘Tompopo’. Honestly the food is delicious!!

♥  Watching Captain Phillips. This has to be one of the best films I have ever seen! Although I was completely terrified for the Captain and his crew I also found myself feeling strangely sorry for the pirates. I suppose I realised how ignorant I was to the reasons behind piracy. This film certainly had my emotions battling between right and wrong?


Off The Record: Busy Bees, Brilliant Boyfriends & Broccoli!

My oh my! What a week we’ve had! We’ve been busy visiting old friends, attending awesome events, creating our first ever YouTube video, planning our 2 year old birthday party and to top it all off we were listed as one of Channel 4’s top 10 wedding blogs!! Yep…That’s what I said, Channel 4! How exciting is that?! I’ve gotta say, Wednesday was by far one of the highlights of my week! Sure, it had it’s lows like city driving (seriously! This country bumpkin is a nervous wreck in Bristol! lol!) and reverse parallel parking into a space while cars sat waiting for me to hurry the hell up so they could continue on our journey! But despite those minor ‘bumps in the road’ it rang so true to me on Wednesday that you cannot underestimate the importance of getting away from your laptop and spending some quality time with people! We met up with Isabel While from Bridal Styling in the morning to chat all about what’s been going on (and of course we gobbled down a lot of biscuits and tea!) then we spent our afternoon over the gorgeous Emily Fisher’s house from Fishee Designs where we started planning our Birthday party for next month (eek!) and were treated to a delicious evening meal! If that wasn’t enough for our day we then headed over to Little Wedding Space for the evening to attend the opening of a mini wedding fair that lasts two weeks! So, if you can’t quite make it one day, fret not! There’s plenty more days to pop in and see Little Wedding Space and all of it’s fabulous exhibitors along with it!

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That’s not all we’ve been loving this week though! There’s so much more…

Jess loves:

When Emily is tipsy on champagne! She becomes even more hilarious and constantly insists on getting a McDonalds! (hey, who wouldn’t?!)

Getting a visit from my friend Matt who lives in London! There’s nothing like a good old catch up with someone you haven’t seen for months!

Cooking home made fish fingers and lemon mayo dip! It was delicious! Not to mention, pretty healthy!

Having a boyfriend who is always very happy to support me in whatever I do, he’s so bloody helpful, understanding and supportive!

Doing our first ever work shops at a wedding show! We were at The Vintage Wedding Fair, exhibiting and teaching brides a few DIY tricks to create a wedding day even more personal to them! Such good fun!


Off The Record: It’s Officially Autumn!

It’s officially Autumn. My outfits are slowly becoming warmer and warmer as the days go on and last night…dare I say it….I put the heated blanket on in my bed. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have but quite frankly it was a cold and dreary evening and I just wanted to snuggle into a duvet and sip down my sugary cup of tea! I’m involved with Autumn now, summer is over and it’s time to get full swing into the gorgeous orange hues that will soon be gracing the trees and begin to showcase the collection of scarves & hats and gloves that we’ve all been hiding in the cupboard for months! Anyone else getting excited for Halloween and bonfire night?! Can I get a hell yes!! Bring on the pumpkins, warm jumpers and hot chocolate I say!

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Here’s what else we’ve been loving on and offline this week…


Off The Record: Fairs, Faux & Fun

It seems that wedding fair season is well under way for us as of today! Me & Em will heading over to Ross to attend Ellis Wedding Show and we couldn’t be more excited, we feel like we haven’t been to a wedding fair for quite a while now so it’ll be so nice to meet lots of new suppliers and hopefully catch up with some old friends! We’ll also be heading to Designer Vintage Bridal Show, One Love Wedding Show,  EWE and many more later on in the year!  Do you lovely lot have any wedding fairs in your diaries this year? We can’t wait!

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For now though, here’s what else we’ve been loving on and offline this week…