It’s that time of month again when we announce the next theme for our DIYS this month and since Spring has well and truly sprung it seemed only right to host a month of flowers! Be prepared for tons of beautiful blooms and a selection of tutorials to show you how you can incorporate flowers…


For the past couple of months me and Emily have been feeling that our DIYS have been a little dis-jointed, they have had no direction and we just randomly create things from week to week, sometimes this is nice because it allows us the freedom to create to our hearts content! But other times, it…


Who doesn’t love beautiful stationery, am I right?! You know that at Bespoke Bride we’re a sucker for a stunning set of cards and it just so happens that Hip Hip Hooray stationery are one of our FAVE stationers! So how can you get your hands on this glorious £100 voucher I hear you ask?!…

Off The Record: Happiness, Having Fun & Holidays

Yay! Happy Friday people! I hope you’ve got an awesome weekend ahead, since Emily came back from Greece yesterday we’re going to spend the evening at Emily of Mermaid Gossip’s house drinking wine and catching up with the girls! You’ve gotta love a girlie blogging night right! But first, let’s talk about what we got up to this week, one of our absolute highlights was being featured on Wedding Chicks!! We absolutely adore this wedding blog and are so chuffed to say that our confetti sprinkle shoot was showcased over there, GO check it out people! NOTE: seeing this shoot may result in wanting to eat any sugary treat in sight, but YOLO.

Here’s what else we’ve been loving this week…

♥ Going to San Carlo in Bristol to celebrate James’ birthday! This is definitely my favourite Italian restaurant in the UK (so far!). For our main course we ordered the ‘trio of pasta’ where the chef chooses 3 random pasta dishes from the menu and you get all three to share between two people. We ended up with a salmon dish, a creamy mushroom penne and a chorizo parpadelle and my god it was the bomb!! 
♥ Going to Underground Fest, we may have got a little bit too drunk on the train up but that just made the entire thing even more fun! We saw some awesome up and coming artists and took way too many selfies.
♥ Having roast dinner at James’s Nans! Lots of family came over to celebrate and it was so nice to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while over some delicious food! 
♥ Breaking Bad. Man I know I am late to this party but we’re already on series 3 and I have to say i’m addicted! 
♥ Chorizo Stew! It tastes so much better than it sounds I promise and it’s super low in calories and takes less than 10 minutes to cook too, WIN! Here’s the recipe if you’re a chorizo lover like me!

♥ As I mentioned last week our hotel was situated right next to Laganas Beach – a national marine site with protective measures to ensure the conservation of Caretta Caretta (The Loggerhead Sea Turtle). This was really special for us as not only am I passionate about conservation but the turtle is Mr T’s absolute favourite animal which is where he got his nickname of ‘Turt’. We could not have visited this resort without going Turtle spotting! What do you know within minutes of leaving the dock we had our first turtle spotting and our views were amazing! Definitely the highlight  of our trip.

♥ Taking a tour of Zakynthos Island, the views were amazing and the dramatic cliff tops were breathtaking! We got to see the famous Poseidon’s face carved into the cliff side and I was totally impressed when the captain of the boat navigated our ship into the magical blue caves. If you ever visit Zante this trip is a must!!!

♥ Stopping off to visit the famous shipwreck in Smugglers Cove. The sea was so blue and inviting, we had so much fun taking lots of pictures and I cant wait to share them with you soon!

♥ After our first Turtle spotting we were determined to find another during our visit to we hired a pedalo for the morning complete with a melon for breakfast and scoured the clear blue seas of Laganas. Unfortunately we never did spot another Turtle but the morning was amazing and I loved spending every minute of it with Mr T, it was like we were on an adventure!

♥ We got to eat in lots of different restaurants whilst on our holiday and experience lots of greek style cuisine – being vegetarian I was a huge lover of the cheeses especially the crumbed Saganaki (haloumi deep fried in bread crumbs) whilst Mr T had a meat feast for the week enjoying dishes like Lamb Kleftiko and Beef Stifado. The food is outstanding and I would definitely recommend you give all the local dishes a go – they are so dang tasty!!! 

♥ Vanilla-Cardamom Pear Hand Pies! These would make awesome favours don’t you think?! (Above Photos via Studio DIY)

♥ DIY Geometric Accent Wall