In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year then you would know that marble is fast becoming one of the prettiest trends around, problem is it can sometimes be a little pricey. But we’ve got some good news for you! If you’re looking to include a little marble into your wedding or bridal shower then you can create this easy cake stand on a budget! This entire DIY costs less than £20 to make and the results really look anything but cheap…


A round marble board (we used this one) // A glue gun or clear silicon (to be honest I would go for the silicon, it worked much better to secure everything together and was more sturdy // Gold spray paint (we used Rustoleum) // Something round and wide for the base (We used an Osma sewer connection! I know that sounds awful ha but it was brand new from a hard ware store and did the job perfectly!) //


A DIY Everything Wedding (Including The Dress!)

Alternative wedding photography Devon

Talk about making your wedding personal! Nat and Ryan decided to DIY as much as their wedding as they possible could, even the dress was a DIY! So were the shoes, the invitations, the decorations, I could go on, but I feel it’s better for you to see for yourself! Then enjoy this wonderful couple’s story at the bottom as they tell you all about how they (quite literally) created the wedding of their dreams…

Alternative wedding photography Devon Alternative wedding photography Devon Alternative wedding photography Devon


65 FREE Wedding Printables for the DIY Lovers! ♥

Yep. That’s right. 65 free printables! From labels to retro flags & photo booth props to favours!

This humongous list is for all the brides on a budget out there, or the couples wanting to add a DIY touch to their wedding day!

We have trawled the net to bring you the very best of the most gorgeous free printables we could find! To download a printable, simply click on the link and it will take you straight to the site! Voila! It’s all yours!

Better stock up the printer ink asap! Enjoy!

1. ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If that does not work, add vodka”. Brilliant! Download the lemonade print outs here.

2. We love these fruit print outs to stick on bottles!

3. If you wanted a favor box, that isn’t really a box, then why not create a favor carton?!

4. Candy favor boxes brought to you from Eat Drink Chic! These need to be printed out and assembled but they would look so kick ass on the tables!

5. The pretty ‘Love’ banner would look great anywhere!

Pssst… Click the button below to download our printable Snapchat props, a fun addition to your photobooth, that your guests will love!

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A DIY Pink & Gold Bridal Shower

A Pink & Gold DIY Bridal Shower

Here is what I love about today’s bridal shower. First its a shower and we don’t share them too often here (but we should!). Second I love the styling, it’s so pretty! And finally its full of DIY by friends and family, which makes it that little bit extra special so when photographer and friend of the bride Kitae, asked if we would like to share this with you we couldn’t resist!

Here is the gorgeous bride to be Hanna to tell you more…